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61% of Voters Believe Obamacare Will Raise Health Care Costs, Survey Shows

Michael W. Chapman
CNS News [1]
Wednesday, December 29, 2010

(CNSNews.com) — A new poll shows that 61 percent of voters think the new health care changes signed into law by President Barack Obama will cause health care costs to go up. Also, 55 percent of voters say the law will be bad for the country.

In its poll of 1,000 “likely voters” on Dec. 26, Rasmussen Reports found that 61 percent of “voters nationwide believe the [health care] law  will cause health care costs to go up, which ties the highest level measured on the question since the bill was passed” back in March.  Only 17 percent of voters think Obamacare will lower health care costs and another 17 percent said that costs “will  stay about the same.”



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Rasmussen also found that 55 percent of voters “now say the law will be bad for the country, the highest level measured since September.”  Also, only 36 percent think Obamacare “will be good for the country,” according to Rasmussen.

The survey also found that 53 percent of voters believe “the quality of health care will decrease under the new law,” while only 22 percent think the quality of care will increase under Obamacare.

Full story here. [1]