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9/11 survivor: there was an explosion prior to plane’s impact

Russia Today [1]
Friday, Sept 11th, 2009

A loud bang shook the building and shortly afterwards the plane hit the skyscraper, states survivor William Rodriguez, who was a janitor in the North Tower of the WTC and helped to rescue others after the planes hit.

On September 11, 2001, he was in the basement of the North Tower of the WTC and says before the plane hit there was a huge explosion coming from below, so loud and so high that it pushed those present upwards into the air.


“I worked 20 years in that building and I know the difference between something coming from the top and something coming from the bottom. I did not know what was going on but what I do know there were two different events.”

Rodriguez believes that the official version of what happened that day left so many people unsatisfied because it left too many questions unanswered and even raised new ones.

He says the government did not react quickly enough to what was happening, but nobody was fired and the people responsible received promotions after 9/11. That fact alone raises suspicions and provokes conspiracy theories.

“When you have a government that spent almost $30 million to investigate Monica Lewinsky and then only spent $10-$15 million to investigate the death of 3,000 people – that is immoral and does not make any sense, and that is exactly what happened with us.”

William Rodriguez remembers that 9/11 was a complete surprise that nobody ever expected. It was a shock that was worse than being in a war, because on a war you are going prepared with something in mind that something is going to happen. “Here we just went to work a regular day and it changed the history of our lives,” he says.

The US is commemorating the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, which killed almost three thousand people.

The official investigation into the tragedy has failed to satisfy many of the relatives and other Americans.