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9/11 Truthers 1-0 Re-Create ’68

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Controlled front group engages in ridiculous failed stunts while real activists are seen and heard by millions

Steve Watson
day, August 27, 2008

While controlled anarchist group “Recreate ’68” continue to do their best to shame and tar all legitimate protest at the Democratic National Convention by engaging in ridiculous and farcical antics, real activists were seen and heard by millions of viewers as they usurped control of a live broadcast of Hardball with Chris Matthews yesterday.

With Alex Jones on the bullhorn and a sea of people all screaming in unison, the MSNBC News cameras desperately tried to avoid the multitude of 9/11 Truth signs, but failed abysmally.

Matthews attempted to maintain the facade for viewers watching at home, as he interviewed a former advisor of Bilderberg favorite John Edwards, however, he quickly descended into a sweaty nervous wreck as it became clear that the broadcast had been completely penetrated by truth activists.

At one point during a commercial break, Matthews reportedly stepped to the edge of the set and taunted the demonstrators, making a “you’re crazy” gesture circling his finger around his ear.

As the program went out live, millions of viewers heard the voluminous crowd chant “Down with the New World Order”, “Infowars.com” and “9/11 was an inside job”.

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Watch the video:


Compare this action with the dismal stunt pulled by self-proclaimed liberal anarchist group Recreate ’68 earlier this week when co-founder Mark Cohen dressed up in a Wizard costume and led a few waifs and strays in an attempt to “levitate the mint building” in Denver and “shake out its loose change” using “magic mojo” and the collective power of their minds.

Fort Collins Now reported that while Cohen engaged in the attempt to lift the building off the ground, “A man calling himself the Yippie Pie Man, who has attended every Recreate ’68 protest so far, used a megaphone to lead the crowd in the chants and also to appeal to bystanders.”

“Don’t be a spectator,” he implored, “join the spectacle!”

Though some of the group really did seem to believe they could make a building float, Cohen later stated that the main purpose of the event wasn’t so much for the sake of literally raising the building off the ground as it was raising awareness, however any point being made was completely lost on the befuddled 50 or so people in attendance, due to the total ridiculousness of the entire backwards charade.

The abject failure of the Recreate ’68 group’s attempt to garner widespread attention or respect provided frothing neocon commentators, such as Michelle Malkin, ample fodder to attack all legitimate protesters at the DNC.

Malkin and others have attempted to lump in all protesters, including 9/11 truth activists, with the ludicrous fools dressed as Harry Potter, the jester hat wearing crew and the provocateurs who are posing as anarchists and communists.

As Malkin continues to appear on Fox News to berate and castigate the phony leftists, the group revealed their true colors by supporting her and calling her a “true American Patriot”.

When Alex Jones and other members of the 9/11 truth movement confronted Malkin on the Denver streets, a froth of Neocon columnists (for that is their collective term) were quick to totally distort the exchange beyond any realm of reality by labeling Jones a member of Re-Create ’68 and implying that he advocated “killing” Malkin. In reality that suggestion came from the same jester hat wearing clowns who have been harassing Jones and yelling that he is a “capitalist stooge” for days straight. However, in the land of hack journalism reality holds no sway.

According to other protest groups, Re-Create ’68 is a COINTELPRO-style project designed to discredit legitimate antiwar groups by instigating violence in Denver during the DNC. According to Alex Jones, members of Re-Create ’68 have habitually attempted to taunt police and provoke riots during the first few days of the convention.

In stark contrast, 9/11 truth activists have behaved impeccably and shown how real protest should be carried out. During the Hardball takeover no arrests were made and there were no confrontations with police, as the 9/11 truth movement once again proved to the world that it is a serious, organized and peaceful group intent only on relaying its message to the world and affecting real change.

This article was posted: Wednesday, August 27, 2008 at 9:56 am

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