Capture Created And Fabricated
For Public Consumption

By Tony Castelluci

So, here we are on the other side of the "capture" of Saddam. The seemingly ridiculous idea that this guy was holed up for ten months, in his spider hole, is another insult to the collective intelligence of the planet. Frankly, it's a bit of a let down to find that Saddam didn't have a lavish underground "Command Center" worthy of any James Bond villain.

One of the tip offs that this is all fabricated and sanitized for consumption is the new buzzword. Spider Hole is being used here to paint a creepy dark picture. How can anybody believe anything from a man that was in a Spider Hole? Wouldn't a man in a White House be more believable?

The images of Saddam Hussein show a disheveled man. They frankly look like a guy that has been held prisoner and been brainwashed. The persona of what I was led to believe was Saddam Hussein was a guy who would have bit any American doctor attempting to stick a tongue depressor down his throat. What did they do to the defiant dictator that took the fight out of him?

Whatever "they" did to him, one thing is for sure, whatever is released, as official statements by Saddam Hussein you can bet it will be in support of Bush's homeland propaganda agenda. It almost seems like Saddam Hussein was captured in the first hours of the Baghdad invasion, conditioned for ten months, then put into his "spider hole", to be "discovered" for our troops. So our troops find a meek and scared Saddam Hussein shouting Saddam Hussein. Not at all the Saddam Hussein we were led to believe was going to encompass our doom here in the United States.

So get ready for and endless barrage off propaganda about how much we love George Bush. Get ready for the obfuscation of reality to run into overdrive. This chess piece was played right when Howard Dean was getting press for being endorsed by the establishment Democrats. Which lead us to the logical conclusion that Bin Laden will "be caught", right before the 04' presidential election. Of course that election should be pre-labeled Dean vs. Diebold.

All this was why it wasn't surprising when a picture with a baby touching G.W.'s face with a large sub heading that stated "EVEN BABIES LOVE GEORGE BUSH", showed up in the local paper. Looks like they pulled this shot out of some sort of hole.



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