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THE parents of chauffeur Henri Paul were still insisting yesterday their son was not responsible for the crash which killed Princess Diana.

They say he was not drunk or speeding and believe that the Paris crash, in which Paul also died with Dodi Fayed, was not an accident.

The revelation Diana predicted her own death in a car smash in a letter to her butler Paul Burrell could support their claims.

Paul's father Jean Paul said yesterday: "We always believed our son was innocent. This letter may show what really caused that dreadful crash and we will now be pushing to have the investigation re-opened so the truth can finally emerge."

Paul's parents, who live in Lorient, Brittany, also believe a blood sample taken after the crash which showed the driver was drunk, was not from Paul who worked for Dodi's father Mohamed Al Fayed.

Their lawyer Francois Meyer said: "We believe the blood that was analysed was not Henri Paul's but someone else's.

"Mistakes of this kind frequently happen. We want to carry out DNA analyses of the blood and compare it with DNA taken from Henri's body, so there is no doubt. At present, there are serious doubts."

The French inquiry into the three deaths concluded the crash in the Pont d'Alma tunnel was caused by Paul's high speed drunk driving.

But a French police spokesman hinted the investigation could be re-opened in the light of Diana's letter.

He added: "Normally with new evidence this would happen."

Judge Stephan, who headed the French inquiry, is now a senior judge in Versailles, near Paris. He was unavailable for comment yesterday, but a spokesman for his office said he would be made aware the letter.

A spokesman said: "The investigation is now closed and any decision to re-open it will not be his, but his knowledge would mean he would have a role in any new inquiry."