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 March 09, 2004 
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Tuesday, Dec. 16, 2003

Rep. McDermott: U.S. Could Have Nabbed Saddam 'a Long Time Ago'

We knew some nutty Democrat would say this, and the culprit is, naturally, Rep. "Baghdad" Jim McDermott. Outdoing fellow Saddamites Howard Dean and Katie Couric, he claims the U.S. military could have found Iraq's genocidal former dictator "a long time ago" if it had wanted to.

McDermott told KIRO radio in Seattle on Monday that there were people "all along who knew basically" where Saddam Hussein was.

"I've been surprised they waited, but then I thought, well, politically, it probably doesn't make much sense to find him just yet," he said.

"There's too much by happenstance for it to be just a coincidental thing that it happened on this particular day."

Asked if he thought the capture was timed out to help President Bush, McDermott laughed and said: "Yeah. Oh, yeah."

And then came this Dean-like zinger: "The fact that he is in captivity does not change things."

Republicans and even some Democrats in increasingly leftward Washington, home state of Sen. Patty "Osama Mama" Murray, immediately condemned McDermott's "crazy talk."

"With all due respect to my colleague, that is a fantasy," said Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Wash. "That just is not right. ... It's one thing to criticize this administration for having done this war. I mean, that's a fair question. But to criticize them on the capture of Saddam, when it's such a big thing to our troops, is just ridiculous."

Washington Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance noted, "Once again McDermott has embarrassed this state with his irresponsible ranting."

Ah, and the Democrats keep wondering why their party is shrinking.

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