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Key moments in the press conference come around 11 mins in when Livingstone stresses several times that there is no hidden agenda behind the Government's actions and that there are real terrorists that want to kill us all. Why is he so determined to make this point clear? Because people are waking up to the fact that this "war on terror" is a useful excuse for taking away our rights and bringing us all under tighter control.

19 mins into the video and John Stevens makes a very interesting slip up. Whilst declaring that the city is completely safe, he invites terrorists to come to London. He quickly repeats his words, replacing "terrorists" with "tourists". One is reminded of Tony Blair's reference to "Weapons of Mass Distraction" here. The point is though that this is exactly the situation being created in London, the distinction between "terrorist" and "tourist" is slim, precisely because everyone is a suspect.

At the very end of the conference Stevens advocates militarising the police with sub-machine guns and armoured vehicles and also placing the army at London airports in an effort to deter the "inevitable" attacks.

What is happening in London is indicative of the direction of the entire planet now. Calls for Armies on the streets, a "civillian" Stasi-spy network in place, talk of not if but when we get attacked as if it's a natural thing we must all accept and live with for our own security. Add to this David Blunkett's proposed ID card scheme and his Pre-crime law, where by suspects are detained without trial BEFORE a crime has even been committed. How can all this be to protect freedom and ensure our liberty? Some are awakening, but still no one dares to suggest that formenting on our doorstep is a Police State that is worse than Nazi germany or Soviet Russia. We have to speak out now before it's too late, because it can happen and it is happening here.

I was in London last weekend and the scale to which this has now progressed is emense. Every bus shelter I saw carried the Stasi propaganda, I stood for fifteen minutes in the tube station and heard the same two messages being repeated over and over on the loudspeakers, "Please report any suspicious looking items" and "You are being monitored by CCTV for your security". There has even been an instance of some poor guy's luggage being thrown from the tube train by a woman who panicked and believed it was a bomb. The level of fear has reached new heights, so much so that no one dare admit it. I even found myself analysing people and their luggage as they entered the train.

Just listen to the adverts being played on the radio in London and tell me we are not being manipulated and controlled into accepting the Police State - Click here for an MP3 of the "Life Savers" advert.

Now feast your eyes on the "Who owns this bag?" campaign propaganda and the credit card fraud crack down posters.





















We even have unidentifiable tube police now too, this is all admitted on the London Met-Police website. The following is taken directly from there:

The Met renewed its call for vigilance by the public against possible terrorist attacks in London.

As part of the continuing Government campaign against the threat from terrorism, police have stepped up patrols on the London Underground system including, for the first time, deploying plain clothes counter terrorist patrols to key locations. These measures were taken before Thursday’s bomb explosions in Madrid and are not connected.

"This is a joint operation involving BTP, the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and Transport for London", explained Deputy Chief Constable Andy Trotter.

London is on a high level of alert and the London Underground system is controlled public space, with hundreds of staff at stations, extensive CCTV coverage and its own dedicated police resources. A further, crucial element is the vigilance of customers. With three million travelling every day, they can provide millions of eyes and ears across the whole system.

Police are appealing to passengers to be pro-active in reporting anything suspicious, asking other passengers if they see an item they believe to be unattended - “Who owns this bag?” - and reporting it immediately to London Underground staff or police if it is unclaimed. Posters will be appearing on the London Underground system this week.

As part of the security regime, passengers may see police officers conducting ”stop and search” procedures on stations. If passengers are subject to such searches, we would ask them to be patient in supporting the continuing fight against terrorism.

THIS IS NOT FREEDOM - Unidentifiable authorities stopping and searching anyone they find suspicious, whilst encouraging people to actively spy on and report each other - WE HAVE ENTERED THE TWIGHLIGHT ZONE. When George Orwell wrote 1984 IT WAS A WARNING. I have pointed this out to several people and their only reaction is "yes it's exactly like 1984" whilst being seemingly amused by that fact. The other reaction I get is "its OK because if it gets any worse people will rise up in revolt". HOW CAN IT GET ANY WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS?

To end on a rather ominous note, there have also been reports that the Tube system in London is due to close for days at a time for "improvements to be made". In the weeks and days preceeding 9/11 we know that the WTC was evacuated many times, sometimes for hours in "security drills". There were eyewitness reports of plain clothed men workmen working in the towers throughout said drills. On 9/11 the towers came down in a uniformed fashion akin to purposeful demolition. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the complex is also on record as saying that WTC 7 was purposefully brought down with explosives on that day. Explosives would have taken days or weeks to be placed.

I therefore wish to ask who will be making the "improvements" to the London subway, what will they be doing and who will be monitoring them?

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Stasi London: Fearmongering reaches new heights in England - SPECIAL REPORT

Steve Watson | 30th March 2004

It seems that London is gearing up for a major terrorist attack very soon. The above 27 minute press conference from last week, involving the Mayor Ken Livingstone, and the Chief of Police Sir John Stevens, highlights the level of fear London is currently being subjected to.

It has now simply been accepted that a major attack will take place, and that there is little hope of avoiding it. Yet Livingstone and Stevens take pain to assure everyone that London is "the safest city in the world" and that we should simply accept that it is soon to be attacked and just get on with things.

There is very sophisticated doublespeak going on here. Whilst being told we cannot and should not worry over such an attack occurring, we are also told that IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. The result is an even greater yet supressed fear among the entire population of the city.

Add to this the hideous nature of the "Life Savers" anti-terrorist campaign, nothing short of a Stasi-type operation more akin with Soviet Russia, and the result is a climate of fear, suspicion and mis-trust amongst all. Everyone, and anyone is a suspect and we must all be alert and prepared because we are all about to be attacked.