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Bush makes sick jokes about non-existent WMD

Steve Watson | 31st March 2004 (Video from BBC)

Watch as the Journalists at this Black tie event all roar with appreciative laughter and rise to their feet to worship their master as he quips about the non-existent weapons that 500 US soldiers have died for over the past year and are still fighting and dying over daily .

This is very clear manipulation, it has now reached the point where the lies and corruption can no longer be covered up. Hence Bush's globalist handlers let him loose from his leash and allow him to be creative in an attempt to diminish the importance of the whole Iraq issue. Maybe next he'll be joking about how he had prior knowledge of 9/11.

This also provided the opportunity for John Kerry to play the role of the good cop to anyone who is turned off by Bush's antics. Bush attacks Kerry's foreign policy in this clip and afterwards Kerry attacked Bush for being insensitive. The truth is they have virtually identical stances on every major issue, including Iraq and aspects of US foreign policy, they are both Skull and Bones Yale elites and they are related to each other and the British Royal family.

The sickness continues

Just browsing around the internet at comments concerning this, I came across many like the one below:

"If we don't stop to laugh once in awhile, we will live in the very world we're all terrified of. I can see where some people would take offense, but to tell you the truth, I DID get a chuckle out of it. And no one could ever say that I didn't have a heavy heart for the men we lost. I'm happy that I live in a country where I CAN laugh! God Bless America!"

IF WE DON'T LAUGH ABOUT IT WE HAVE TO LIVE IN A SCARY WORLD. What kind of backward cowardly attitude is this? I am not saying you cannot laugh, joke about or find humour in things, indeed political satire is one of the oldest and greatest forms of criticism, BUT NOT ON THIS ISSUE AND NOT IF YOU ARE GEORGE W BUSH. If the current breaking story of bodies being dragged through the streets in Iraq turns out to be the bodies of dead US soldiers, will Bush joke about that too?