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Ministry of Truth at Work Again: 9/11 Whitewash Commission attempts to spin Bin Laden family exodus down the memory hole

Alex Jones Show | July 22 2004


The Alex Jones show has revealed that the "Independent" 9/11 Commission's report attempts to spin down the memory hole a vital piece of information concerning government complicity.

We have extensively documented the fact that on September 13th around 160 members of the Bin laden family and leading Saudis were flown out of the US on private jets whilst all other air traffic was grounded.

This information has been publicly documented in US Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) agency documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption,under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”).

Furthermore the information has been documented by leading media outlets such as Vanity Fair, by former Bush administration "terrorism tsar" Richard Clarke, and most recently, and perhaps most tellingly, by Michael Moore in his documentary Fahrenheit 9/11.

It was reported today that the Commission is now adamant that the Bin Laden family were not given preferential treatment, that the FBI had interviewed each person flown out, and that they did not leave until 8 DAYS AFTER 9/11.

This is pure spin. It is entirely possible that many more Bin Laden family members were flown out 8 days after 9/11, indeed it was reported by The National Review that "With the help of the FBI, the Saudis and the bin Laden family chartered an aircraft to pick up family members in Los Angeles, Orlando, and Washington, D.C. The bin Laden plane then flew the relatives to Boston, where — one week after the attacks — the group left Logan Airport bound for Jeddah."

Furthermore "Each family member was given the all-clear on the basis of a single, day-of-departure interview — conducted, in FBI spokesman Bill Carter's words, "at the airport, as they were about to leave."

The crux of the matter is though that this Bin Laden family outing is not the same one as occurred September 13th as documented by CBP. But that information need not be made clear to the average person in the street.

Worse still this matter is confused by the fact that in Michael Moore's film he talks about the 9/13 exodus but shows footage of Prince Bandar, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the United States, admitting on Larry King Live that 24 members of the bin Laden family were flown out of the country in cooperation with the FBI. These 24 were indeed flown out 8 days after 9/11 on the 19th. Why does Michael Moore reference the 160 or so flown out on 9/13 and show the documents but then take this quote out of context?










The two separate occurrences are being intentionally confused and this should be a clear indication that the "independently appointed" Commission (and the media that panders to it) is a pure Whitewash operation and ultimately only serves to corroborate our continued assertions of a vast and complicit cover-up.

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