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The 9/11 Whistleblowers

For the first time in one place, a comprehensive collection of interviews with and information on those who have spoken out on how the globalist cabal within the government was COMPLICIT in the 9/11 attacks.

Alex Jones Interviews Col. Donn de Grand-Pre
29 Feb 04

Col. Donn de Grand-Pre, U.S. Army (ret.). de Grand-Pre outlines how 9/11 was carried out by order of an inside group of Neo-Cons. de Grand-Pre knows personally the pilot who shot down Flight 93.

Alex Jones Interviews Andreas Von Buelow
8 Feb 04

Von Buelow is the former German Defense Minister and Minister of Technology. Von Buelow went public to say the US government carried out 9/11. His book is one of the bestsellers across Europe.

Alex interviews Attorney Stanley Hilton
11 March 03

who is suing George Bush for direct involvement in 9/11 on behalf of 400 families. Hilton has deposed top military officials and has documents clearly proving the government carried out the attack.

Alex Jones Interviews Stanley Hilton
12 Sept 04

Stanley Hilton is bringing a lawsuit against the US Government charging involvement in carrying out the 9/11 attacks. Hilton has deposed top military officials who assert that the government were complicit in the attack.

CIA complicit on September 11?

An interview with Michael Springman exposes the CIA's links with 911. Springmann worked for the US government for 20 years with the foreign service and consulate.

Mary Schiavo and Mike Springman

Mary Schiavo, an attorney representing September 11 families against American and United Airlines, reminds us that simultaneous multiple-airplane hijackings were nothing new on September 11.

Judicial Watch News Conference with FBI Special Agent Robert Wright

C-SPAN coverage of the Judicial Watch press conference with FBI special agent Robert Wright, who claims the government knew more than it lets on about 9/11.

Michael Meacher
BBC World Service

former UK Government Minister speaks out about the standdown of NORAD on September 11th, PNAC and the pre-planned wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
US Intelligence recieved warnings of terrorist attacks from Randy Glass
Center for Cooperative Research - 01/30/04

A fascinating video relating to an important unheeded warning of the 9/11 attacks was shown on WPTV, an NBC TV station in Florida on October 7, 2002. This video has been overlooked and forgotten until now.

US Intelligence Agencies Duck - CIA analyst David MacMichael

Did US Intelligence agencies fail to act on solid prior warnings or was information blocked from above?

FBI AGENT ROBERT WRIGHT SAYS FBI AGENTS ASSIGNED TO INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS CONTINUE TO PROTECT TERRORISTS FROM CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS AND PROSECUTIONS: Agents Lied To Federal Court for Wiretap Authority and Compromised Criminal Investigations of Terrorists. FBI Headquarters’ International Terrorism Unit Acted as a “Spectator” While Americans Died at the Hands of Terrorists.

Alex Jones Interview with respected lawyer David Schippers
10 Oct 01

The FBI has been, and still is, prohibiting their agents or local police from taking known terrorists into custody.

David Schippers tells Metcalf feds 'ignored' warnings of WTC attacks: According to Schippers, investigative reporter Jayna Davis has compelling evidence indicating the government knew in February 1995 about Middle Eastern terrorists operating in Oklahoma City, planning the bombing in that city, the demise of TWA Flight 800 and the World Trade Center attacks.
Whistleblower Complains of FBI Obstruction: A government watchdog and FBI counter-terrorism agent are accusing the agency of prohibiting him from conducting his probe into terror financing activities because he complained about obstruction by bureau superiors.
Another FBI Agent Blows the Whistle: Now there's another whistle blower telling a similar pre-9/11 tale. And so far, the FBI has gone to great lengths to silence him.
FBI agent: I was stymied in terror probe

A Chicago FBI agent charged Thursday that colleagues stymied his efforts to investigate the funding of Middle East terrorists in 1994 and 1995 to keep cushy surveillance assignments going and protect their jobs.
What The CIA Doesn't Want You To Know - Delmart Vreeland Interview: If all of its dark alleys were explored, the case of Delmart Edward Joseph 'Mike' Vreeland is one which is worthy of a book that would rival 'War and Peace.'
Lawyer representing Rocco Galati, who received death threats from intelligence agencies was the same lawyer who represented Mike Vreeland who received death threats from the same voice before being 'disappeared'

Alex Jones Interviews Ellen Mariani and Philip Berg 16 April 04

Mariani is suing the Bush White House over the Sept. 11th Attacks.

FBI 'was told to back off bin Laden family': United States special agents were told to back off the bin Laden family and the Saudi royals soon after George Bush became president.
Michael Meacher MP Discusses 9/11
2 July 2004

Meacher was Blair's Environment Minister until 2003. In September of last year, he wrote a lengthy piece in the Guardian, `This war on terrorism is bogus', which questioned the veracity of the official story of 9/11.

Sibel Edmonds: Lawyers try to gag FBI worker over 9/11
London Independent | April 27 2004

The Bush administration will today seek to prevent a former FBI translator from providing evidence about 11 September intelligence failures to a group of relatives and survivors who have accused international banks and officials of aiding al-Qa'ida.

Sibel Edmonds: 'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'
London Independent | April 2 2004

A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened.

Sibel Edmonds sues Ashcroft again for actions tied to 9-11 evidence
Tom Flocco | June 24, 2004

FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds sues Ashcroft and DOJ for the second time, asserting that re-classification of her 9-11 allegations was illegal and unconstitutional

Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks
Tom Flocco | 13 July 2004

Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller and numerous U.S. senators and congressmen knew before the September 11 attacks that U.S. immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden’s half-brother.

Sleeping with the enemy
Tom Flocco | 26 May 2004

Homeland Security whistleblower told Congress, Bush, Ashcroft, Mueller, Ridge that Florida immigration officials accepted sham marriage bribes linked to congressional office, al Qaeda operatives, and 9/11 terrorism. House and Senate still silent.

Sybil Edmonds Interview
31 March 2004

Fmr. FBI Translator on how White House Had Intel On Possible Airplane Attack Pre-9/11

See also a facsimile of a letter to the FBI on behalf of Wright by his lawyer, David Schippers


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