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Washington Post video of Abu Ghraib abuses distorted... WHY?!

Libertyforum | May 24 2004


The Washington Post has put up some new video of the Abu Ghraib abuses, and there's something damn fishy about it. Go ahead and check it out, then come back and read on.

All done? Okay then, answer me this:

Have you EVER seen a video edited like that before? With the sides cropped off to give a narrow vertical band of image? The Post claims the video was "originally recorded sideways" and that the colors were tweaked because of "low lighting."

I think they're full of shit. Look at the way that camera moves. Those shots are hand-held, and thus almost certainly not shot sideways. Ask any cameraman. Hell, ask anybody who's ever handled a video camera.

And as for tweaking the lighting... Why?! They didn't tweak the Nick Berg video, and that had some pretty shitty lighting. Newsweek tweaked O.J. Simpson once to make him darker, and look what that got them. What valid excuse could the Post possibly have to tamper with a historical document?!

It occurs to me that one reason the image may have been so severely cropped is because if the edges were visible, amateur video sleuths would be able to check the digital "fingerprints" and perhaps connect the camera that was used to film the Abu Ghraib abuses to the camera used to film Nick Berg's murder.

And tweaking the lighting would change the color of those familiar-looking walls, wouldn't it? It would change a lot of things, come to think of it. The granularity, the properties of the light. And of course, if this video is as cropped as it seems to be, that would explain the absence of the kind of time-code stamping seen in the Berg tape.

I'd love to see an un-manipulated version of this vid. But chances are I won't.

We're through the looking glass now, people. Down the rabbit hole. Over the rainbow. We're plummeting through the Great White Nothing, gasping for breath. We're trampling uncharted holy ground. God himself doesn't know how this shit is going to turn out yet.

History is being made, my friends. Right fucking now, under our noses and behind our backs. We're living in historical, hysterical times.