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Response to Jon Sanders | April 24 2005

Click here for the Sanders article. Visit Prof. Christensen's site here

Firstly we are not in the business of defending Prof. Jane Christensen, who we believe is quite capable of defending herself. Nor will we defend the other websites criticized by Sanders as that is their place to do so. Although some of the content on these websites covers similar or related issues, Alex Jones' Prisonplanet and Infowars are separate and distinct resources.

Having said this we do wish to alert Jon Sanders to the fact that Jane Christensen's course does not at all attempt to convey that, as he puts it

"...a Jewish cabal controls world events, that President Eisenhower was abducted by aliens, and that he, Nixon, Reagan and the Bushes go off to a remote California location to practice owl worship..."

So immediately Mr Sanders is confusing a whole cornucopia of issues with the subject he is attempting to engage with, that being Prof. Christensen's course "911 The Road to Tyranny”. Mr Sanders goes on to denounce Prof. Christensen by drawing the reader's attention to topics raised on other websites that have nothing to do with the course Christensen has formulated. Such topics range from the Terri Schiavo case to Fluoride and UFOs.

Now we come to the attack on Prisonplanet and Infowars, which are used by Prof Christensen as resources for her 911 college course at N.C. Wesleyan. Mr Sanders states that Prisonplanet is of the opinion that

“explosives, probably tactical nukes, brought down the towers” of the World Trade Center; video game manufacturers are secretly conditioning kids to “fight all those who would resist NOW [the New World Order]”; the election of 2004 was obviously “staged,” because the U.S. is a “dictatorship” where people are “slaves.”

As our readers know we post mainstream news articles that we feel are more important and often overlooked. We source everything we post, something that Mr Sanders has neglected to do in this instance.

Have we suggested that explosives brought down the towers? Yes, but with reference to extensive evidence such as seismographic charts, video footage, firefighters' testimonies, the analysis of explosive experts, the outright admittance of the owner of the WTC complex, Larry Silverstein who said that building 7 was literally brought down with explosives.

Have we said that video game manufacturers are secretly conditioning children to fight those who would resist a New World Order? Yes we have posted mainstream articles and reviews of games where the objective is to kill American civilians. Having said this, there is nothing very secret about such games as Mr Sanders suggests.

Have we said that the 2004 election was staged because we are all slaves in a dictatorship? Well not exactly. We have reported that Both candidates for President are members of The Skull and Bones secret society, which initiates just fifteen members each year with the express goal of gaining influence over the highest positions of authority in the US.Yet these facts have been reported by several mainstream media outlets, MSNBC, London Guardian, Boston Globe, Baltimore Sun, The Scotsman, AFP, London Telegraph... The list goes on. We also reported that Bush and Kerry are related, with the help of the Associated Press article that we cited of course.

Mr Sanders goes on to criticize the adverts on Well the adverts hardly form the hard-core information that we like to present but nevertheless we will respond. Everything in the Arnold exposed ad has been reported in the mainstream media for years. Alex set up Arnold because there is a movement afoot to change the US Constitution to allow him to run for President. Once again, this has little or nothing to do with the Christensen course that Mr Sanders is supposed to be critiquing.

The other adverts for Alex's videos and T-shirts are what Mr Sanders describes them as. We don't really know whether he is criticizing them or not from his presentation at this point which seems completely digressive and lost.

"And here are some of the headlines to be found on “one of the best” websites: “Screened Audiences, Fake News Promote Bush Agenda”; “Lies revealed: pretext for war fabricated, dead wrong”; “More Bio-Terrorism Fearmongering: Al-Qaeda 'making Agent X advances'”

Here are the links and sources of all articles Mr Sanders mentions, all mainstream and available for anyone to read and not kooky conspiracies we have just made up:

Screened Audiences, Fake News Promote Bush Agenda - From Hearst Newspapers (Don't they own Popular Mechanics Magazine?)

Lies revealed: pretext for war fabricated, dead wrong - From The London Guardian (ooooh so kooky)

More Bio-Terrorism Fearmongering: Al-Qaeda 'making Agent X advances' - From Reuters (Gosh I can't believe how crazy we are)

The issues raised concerning Bohemian Grove come up again and again, but at the end of the day Alex infiltrated the camp and got video footage of hundreds of important policy makers taking part in a ritual burning beneath a forty foot stone owl representative of Molech the Cananite God to whom Israelite children were sacrificed. The Bohemian Club has published photos of the Owl, photos of the Bushes at the Grove, etc. etc. But Once again what this has to do with Jane Christensen is anyone's guess.

Mr Sanders has provided us with another opportunity to prove to all our readers and our new visitors that what we post is 100% documented.

Finally Mr Sanders comments on Prof Christensen:

"They wouldn't want to miss seeing her dressed as a masked terrorist, nor would they want to overlook her many links, such as to the Communist front group International A.N.S.W.E.R. and other Marxist groups, or to al-Jazeera, Pravda and other “alternative media,” or to the International Solidarity Movement for Palestine and many other anti-Israel links and quotations, or to EarthFirst!, or to news about the Zapatistas, or to the Irish Republican Webring."

How or Why Mr Sanders believes the Professor is dressed as a masked terrorist we do not know. Maybe it's a joke, its just that the delivery is as bad as the rest of the article. There is a picture of some police in masks on Christensen's website, it is unclear what this picture is representative of.

As for linking to news sources other than say Fox, well that's just terroristic now isn't it?

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