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Deconstructing a False Flag Operation - 7/7 potentially related terror drills | July 12 2005

When I started this site I swore I would stay on the subject of 9/11, however certain circumstances call for a “Plan B”.

Although some dedicated 9/11 researchers may consider 7/7 research to be “offtopic”, I consider 7/7 to be an OPPORTUNITY. Yes, I’ve coopted the establishment view on terrorism, but on my own terms. Although, in the presence of many seasoned 9/11 researchers viewing this site, I don’t find it necessary to illustrate in detail why this is so.

With that said, let’s recap the potential 7/7 related drills we’re aware of at this time.

1) Sept. 2003: London Transit Bombing Drill

“Whitehall sources said the tube had long been the focus of concern, both because of the difficulty of rescuing people and because of the way that, in some cases, tunnels amplify the blast. A full-scale mock attack was staged in September 2003 to give emergency services the chance to rehearse: lessons learnt from it, including the need for specially adapted trolleys to use in rescuing passengers from narrow tunnels, were put into place last week. Firefighters have also been trained to drive tube trains, so that if a driver were killed they would be able to move a train to the safety of a platform; the trains hit last week were too badly disabled to be moved.”

2) May 16th, 2004: Operation Transit SAFE London Companion Drill??? (PSYOP???!!)

The events in this programme are fictional
Everything else is fact

KIRSTY: This is BBC News on Tuesday May 25th, it’s 8 o’clock – the headlines. The American Secretary
of State is due to arrive shortly at Heathrow Airport beginning his official visit to the UK.

GAVIN ESLER: What you are about to see is series of terrorist attacks.

KIRSTY: The Bank of England is due to revue interest rates this afternoon. Experts are saying they could

ESLER: This scenario is well researched but fictional.

KIRSTY: And police in London are on extra alert for the this evening’s European Champions League Cup
Match between Arsenal and the Turkish side Galatasaray. We’re just receiving news of an explosion in the
London underground near Hyde Park, this has not yet been confirmed by the police…” more…

3) May 16th, 2004: Operation Transit SAFE: NYC Subway Bombing Exercise

“In the early morning hours of May 16, OEM hosted Operation Transit SAFE, the City’s first interagency subway exercise, at lower Manhattan’s Bowling Green subway station. Inspired by the Madrid bombings of March 2004, the four-hour drill was designed to test the City’s response to a terrorist attack in the subway…”

4) April 2005: Exercise Atlantic Blue: London Transit System Bombing Drill

“A massive anti-terror exercise carried out last April to find out how safe London’s transport systems were from attack raised concern over the vulnerability of passengers, The Observer can reveal.

Washington sources have revealed that the biggest transatlantic counter-terrorism exercise since 9/11 - which included ‘bombs’ being placed on buses and explosives left on the London underground - raised fears over the vulnerability of ’soft targets’ in the capital…”

5) July 7, 2005: NYC Subway Security Drill
“…Earlier on Thursday morning there had actually been a security drill with armed officers entering the New York subway - although this was unrelated to the London attacks..”

6) Bennington, VT: Plane Filled w/Explosives into Nuke Plant*
“BENNINGTON — The region’s first full-scale emergency drill - which included a car chase, gun shots and a fire - went off largely without a hitch Thursday at the William H. Morse State Airport…”

7) Lexington, NC: Chemical Attack*
“Lexington, NC — Governor Mike Easley has also asked residents of North Carolina to be on alert, and emergency crews in Davidson County were doing just that Thursday. A mock terror attack in the form of a chemical spill prepared rescue crews for the real thing…”

8) June 26-30: Secret ‘gas’ test staged at G. Central
“The Federal Department of Homeland Security released gas in Grand Central Terminal last month in a secret study of how dangerous chemicals might flow through the landmark in a terrorist attack.

Nontoxic “tracer gases” were released into the terminal between June 26-30, as scientists from four national laboratories observed, including physicists from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California…”

9) COBRA: April 2, 2004 Explosion in Subway in Prep for GOP Convention
“…Police officers from across the city played out terrorist scenarios yesterday, from a gas attack in a hotel room to an explosion in a subway in preparation for the Republican National Convention in August.

The two-day drill, called COBRA training, is part of a goal of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to train 10,000 members of the department in terrorist preparedness for the upcoming convention…”

10) 7/7 Visor/London Bombing “Drill”
“A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.”

11) Smith County Texas: Bioterror Drill**
“…The scenario continued to unfold for authorities as they rushed to send first responders to areas of destruction, officers searched for suspects and medical services tended to smallpox victims pouring into the hospital.

Smith County Judge Becky Dempsey said the three-day exercise, which is coordinated under the direction of the Governor’s Division of Emergency Management, takes officials from “real-life” responsibilities, but is needed…”

This brings the total, including the 7/7 Visor Drill to 11 potentially related drills

Creds to Nico Haupt and Frank Levi for thier work on digging up additional related drills, thx to DU poster “evolvenow” for the BBC-1 PSYOP

*lower potential of relation compared with the other drills
**new, found on 7/11/05

7/10 - Corrected, there was a double drill. 10 total now.
7/11 - Found new drill, back to 11.

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