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The Military Is Frisking Little Children Before Rescuing Them

America Blog | September 4 2005

A reader has reported that on watching ABC World News This Weekend and they showed footage of a black family being rescued from some highway above the waters and put on a military helicopter.

But before the family was allowed inside, everyone was frisked -- including a little boy that was maybe ten years old! ABC assured us that military leaders insisted this was necessary. Yes, everyone standing politely by and waiting to be rescued needs to be treated like a criminal and frisked.

Is there one example of someone asking to be rescued who then turned on their rescuers? No. Is there anyone who thinks a little 10 year old boy hungry and crying IS A SECURITY RISK? Who lifts the old people out of their wheelchairs so they can be frisked?

Who frisks the bodies on the side of the road and floating in the water in case they've been booby-trapped? Who frisks the babies hungry for milk that might be swaddled in explosives? This is the final humilation for these poor, abandoned people.

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