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It's OK to be a "one issue person"

Time is limited. Like in economics, we have an unlimited number of wants, but a limited number of resources. I know I'd love to save the world in a million ways, but that's simply not feasible. I'm a student and I have a job. We all have obligations - that's understandable. However, that doesn't mean that we can't do anything at all. Choose a few issues that call to you, and work with those.

If people spread themselves out evenly between each issue that meant anything to them, they wouldn't get aynthing done, because there would be no one involved enough with any issue to get anywhere. Movements require both "core" people and "peripheral" people. The core people must make this issue their prime issue, and do much planning work. The peripheral people participate in events.

The ideal situation is to have everyone working on some prime issue so that there is momentum within each movement, but that people lend themselves peripherally to other causes that interest them. If everyone did that, we'd have a great network of people working to get stuff done.

If people fault you for being "one-issue", tell them it's better than being "no issue". You can then explain the concepts of limited time and main causes versus peripheral ones.

Comment: You cannot fight the Entire New World Order agenda on your own - contrary to what many think we don't even do that. There are certain issues and areas that we focus on and our action is to expose these to a larger audience, only then can a change take place. Your action can be something completely different, possibly even focussed in on one single issue. If you really want to make an impact, choose one thing and go for it. Once you feel you have done all you can in that area, move on to something else.