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Starting your own website

Steve Watson | 7th April 2004

We know very little about writing html code or how the internet works. You may be surprised to learn this given the look of this website. I still maintain that the success of this website has had not only a lot to do with its content, but also with its look.

One major way you can spread the word and wake people up is by starting your own website, and we have proved the point that anyone can do it. The internet is the last great vestige of freedom in this world, the majority of the world's media is owned and controlled by the same groups who, at the very top are controlled and financed by the global elite.










We recommend you visit INFOWARSNETWORK.COM and peruse the options to acquire webspace at very affordable prices, for beginners or experienced web-designers.

Even if you don't know the first thing about the internet you can easily build a site, all you need to have is some basic knowledge of a computer.

If you are going to build a site I would offer one golden rule, make it look good, its not that hard. For example, I see many sites that content-wise are good, lots of good information on them, but I cannot look at them for more than five minutes because they are black with green writing, or they have a multitude of flashing things that mess with my head!

Its true that when you first start the temptation is there to make it colorful and use every moving special effect available - DON'T. Its a waste of time and quite frankly it looks awful.

Take a look at the main news sites and copy that format, make it look professional, don't use the biggest or the smallest fonts there are, opt for a sensible medium sized font. I cannot emphasize how important it is for your site to look serious and professional if you are reporting similar issue to this one. If your site has a space and stars background with luminous green "alien type" writing, is anyone really going to take it seriously, let alone be able to read it.

Also cater for people with smaller screen resolutions. Some of you may notice a white gap on the right hand side of your screen when viewing this website - now you know why its there! Its to avoid those nasty scrollbars appearing for people who have smaller screen resolutions.

Once you have your template look in place, save it and you can use it for every page. Build your main sections before going live with the site because again, although it is tempting to put something up there immediately, it looks unprofessional if it is not finished.

Choose a catchy name for the site, but don't make it long, and unmemorable. Although it might be tempting to call your site something like or both these titles are inadequate. The first is too long and the second has no mystery about it. Choose a catchy serious but appropriate name.

If you are reporting news, you must archive things, take a look at the way we do it on this site and just do it that way. Its imperative to keep it organized because if you work on it daily and add more and more, you will lose track of what you did yesterday or last week very quickly. Don't just keep adding more and more news stories to the same page, archive them. There is nothing worse than a main page that is too long with too much on it, keep it simple. Also, remember you are reporting news, if you comment on it write something meaningful and have an opinion, do not just write "I think this is funny" or "I can't decide if this is bad or not" as I have seen on many sites.

Once you get going you will learn all sorts of new techniques like adding video and audio clips, but remember don't waste your time doing unnecessary things. Don't spend a whole day trying to rewrite complicated code or add flash effects to create something that is not worth the hassle.

After your site is in place you may then start to think about advertising, exchanging banners, getting in the search engines etc. etc. all to make it bigger and more successful. Be warned though, it takes effort to get it going and you will have to put up with only getting five or ten hits a day for a while until you start spreading the name about, getting contacts and growing.

If you work long enough on your site and have patience you will be rewarded, only quality and good prevails. Then you will slowly begin to feel it was all worth it and you will feel a new sense of urgency about what you are doing.

Now get active and get building that site!