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Boycott: Wal Mart, Piggly Wiggly, Benetton, and intrusive technology





Read the following reports and articles and then take action. Write to your representatives, start petitions, write to the companies themselves telling them you are spreading the word about their actions and BOYCOTTING them.

Wal-Mart to Require 'Smart Tags'
Associated Press | June 13 2003

The RFID Agenda: Pictures Scanned From Forbes Magazine
Forbes Magazine | July 9 2003

Alex Jones interviews Katherine Albrecht, director of CASPIAN on the discovery of secret industry documents (audio interview) | July 9 2003

Benetton to track clothing with ID chips
CNET | March 11 2003

Grocery store goes to fingerprint payments
World Net Daily | March 4 2004

More Information:

  • RFID is going into all kinds of things. Its in Library books, clothes, consumer products, credit cards to name but a few. there is also talk of the chips going into food and the government have admitted plans to put them in money and passports.

  • Biometric devices — which confirm identification by measuring biological or behavioral features — have been a staple of police work and science-fiction movies for decades. Now they're moving into the everyday world of airports, workplaces and corner markets.

    In the future, expect to see them at cash registers, allowing customers to pay for goods as well — no ATM card or wallet or assistant needed. That's right they will take people's jobs away.

    The most common biometric measure is fingerprints, but some devices also identify based on a retinal or iris scan, a face or voice. Biometrics promises identities that promoters claim are virtually impossible to steal, impersonate or misplace.

The biometric tracking surveilance grid is being erected before our eyes. It is documented that the fingerscanners are linked to police databases, that's what they verify you against. With the government's plans to set up the MATRIX database as part of the Total Information Awareness Network under the Dept. of Homeland Security you can see where its leading. But don't worry, BIG BROTHER LOVES YOU.