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Read the following reports and articles and then take action. Write to your representatives, start petitions, take the issue to your local action groups.

1) The 4th Amendment Is Almost Dead

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants

It's a groundbreaking court decision that legal experts say will affect everyone: Police officers in Louisiana no longer need a search or arrest warrant to conduct a brief search of your home or business.

Bill of Rights no longer valid in Louisiana

Almost as frightening as this horrendous decision is the staggering amount of apathy that has resulted from it. CNN barely mentioned it in its infinitely annoying ticker, and Headline News had a brief sixty-second story before going to their batch of "wacky, but true" stories.

Kiss the 4th Amendment Goodbye

It's finally happened. Thanks to recent judicial decisions by the traditionally conservative 5th Circuit Court and the US Supreme Court, Americans can pretty much kiss the 4th Amendment good-bye.

Another 4th Amendment Bombshell: Right to Refuse ID Rejected

By a 4-3 vote, the Nevada Supreme Court rejected Mr. Hiibel's appeal, ruling any privacy right guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is "outweighed by the benefits to officers and community safety" by allowing police to force people to provide ID, anywhere.

2) The 1st Amendment Is Almost Dead

Scalia tape-erase order raises First Amendment questions

First Amendment specialists questioned the legal basis yesterday for a deputy US marshal -- apparently acting on the orders of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia -- to confiscate and erase tape recordings made by two reporters invited to hear the justice speak at a high school gymnasium.

Man Goes to Jail for Puting a Sign in his Yard

A man jailed for contempt for displaying yard signs critical of a Jackson County judge eventually got the signs back and was able to give the judge some advice — from a panel that investigates judges.

Neighbours call police on man flying upside-down US flag

Evey says his decision to buy a brand new flag from E.T.’s Military Surplus and deliberately fly it upside down followed months of deliberation. “It’s a signal of distress,” he said. “I’m convinced that our country is in distress because our government has run amuck.”

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