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Welcome to the Activist Center!

This section of the website is designed to not only inform but to inspire towards action on your part. Whilst we do our very best to get information out to you, we all need to act upon it. The only way to stop the globalist movement is to do something about it. If we do nothing, they'll win - it's that simple.


Spreading the Word and waking people up



Taking action begins by getting informed and by spreading that information. In addition to our archives and daily news, we would direct you to the following information that we feel is a great starting point in learning about the global elite.




>> Your rights to petition in public places
Articles from ourselves and various other sources. Note, not all authors adhere to the same political views of this website, some articles deal purley with activism in general.
Boycott and Petition all of the following companies and organisations
The companies that are singled out here have taken actions that have most annoyed us. Boycott them NOW.
Issues of Importance that you can influence
Campaigns which we feel you should throw your whole weight behind in order to achieve a vital and reverberating vicotry against the global elite. To win this fight you have to be in it. Get off the bench and join us in the game of your life.
Advice on how to take action generally - apply these various methods against the New World Order
It is imperitive that the information we are getting out reaches a wider audience and your elected representatives, many of whom are still good people and have a say in legislative matters.
Get in contact with media and elected representatives

Your Activism!
some of your comments and actions:

Glad to see that you’ve put up an activist section. It’s excellent because many of us have procrastinated in taking action because we “freeze” and don’t unleash our creative juices to do something constructive. I live in New York, and I’ve recently gotten involved in a 9/11 truth group, which I heard of from, which has links to many other cities in the US, and one in London, and another in Berlin. If you post links to individual groups, I think that one would be a good one to post up. I think posting examples of how people have gotten involved would inspire others to do even more - DAVID CHEN, New York.