Saddam Was Not Captured -
He Was 'Rescued'


Hi Jeff...
It is my believe that Saddam was not captured.
He was rescued by his principals because his life was in danger. The U.S. kept to its obligations and honored this part of their contract.
Everybody knows that Saddam was a U.S. creation from his start back in the '70s, from the time he was in Egypt. He was created to fill the power spot and contain Iran, but later on got loose making his oil unacessible to U.S. So he had to be disciplined by Bush I and the food for oil drill.
Few days ago, it become clear that Russians knew about the buying out of Saddam's staff by U.S. prior to invasion. (Patrick Dillon's September 8, 2003 interview with Jeff in which he detailed his
face- to-face videotaped meeting with an Iraqi officer who watched about a dozen Mercedes drive out on to the Baghdad airport runway and directly up and into US military transport planes - ed)
Saddam did nothing about it, meaning that he already was not in charge. The resulting disruption of Iraqi command structure was heavy so U.S. just walked into Baghdad and democratized the local oil.
Then it become clear that not everybody was happy with this solution and resistance emerged. As it kept getting stronger, it become apparent that it is a genuine resistance, not burdened by Saddam's legacy, and that, sooner or later, local traitors will turn on him. God knows that even without this, Saddam was not a particularly beloved leader. Even his wife allegedly helped in the search.
So, Saddam had to be transferred to more secure place that has as low media potential as possible.
A court in Hague would be such place.
It is secure, and the fact that it is full of similar characters that are, because of the legal proceedings that last for years resolving nothing, of no interest to public any more, such as Milosevich, it is probable that he also will soon become forgotten to.



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