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Posted By: PRAVDASEEKER <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 14 December 2003, 1:14 p.m.


Dear RMN Readers and Agents,

Well, well, well.... what a surprise NOT!

I should reword that, some surprise on my part, due to timing ONLY, NOT that "he" was captured. If it is him, or his double as Rayelan reports!

I HONESTLY thought his capture would not happen until after the new year! Perhaps a few months early? WHY? Closer to the elections for one reason. But there are a few more.

The heat has been on the White House over no WMD being found. The continuing casualties after the "war" was declared over...;
the media was taking a Viet Nam deja vu, view.

We are talking MAJOR DIVERSION here. What are we being diverted from? The dollars plunge off a cliff in value? To keep the people from seeing the global economy going down the toilet?
When the exchange rate changes from .98 Euros to 1 dollar; now it is 1.21+ dollar to ONE Euro.... all in a about 7 months time; hardly ANY news on this terrible plunge in value in mainstrem news! It is not poised to get any better soon! All predictions are for further dropping in value of the US dollar. (As if it had any value to BEGIN with!)

Did the USA somehow persuade Spain, and Poland to make the "noise" they did at the EU Constitution meeting, to prevent it from being ratified? Was this ALL an effort to slow down, or stall, perhaps sound the death knell; the Euro's obvious overtaking the US dollar as the "currency of choice"?

NEEDLESS to say, it will be very interesting to see what happens to the Euro value come Monday's currency trading day! Was it an attempt to "offset" OPEC and other oil nations considered SWITCH to Euro's for oil trade currency?

Perhaps it was time to round up Saddam, to slow down the attacks on the troops? Perhaps it was time to give the Iraqi people their pound of flesh? A Diversion to the Iraqi people, take THEIR focus off the occupying forces for a while?
Perhaps the news "leak" yesterday from Blair on the BBC, that ALL troops were to be under Iraqi "control" by summertime, was "timed" with the capture of this man? And the news leaks of troops coming home by late summer may play into this also.
Please remember, an election is rapidly approaching us.

John Panella posted in the agents lounge about another possible diversion.. I wish John would post it in the forum for all of our readers, perhaps it will show up here soon. It dealt with a "outer space" subject, as a possible reason for the diversion.
JOHN, maybe post something in this thread?

It is an attempt to get some order back into the mess of things "they" have created!

All of my questions above, I can not provide proof on, or anything, just thoughts out loud. NEVER take things politically at "face value"!

I "see" a long trial, with all of the media hype mentioned by Rayelan in her post, for sure. I "see" a turnover to the Iraqi Council their nation...ahem... very soon. We got to get out of this mess, and free up some troops for "other" coming engagements. Syria? Iran? Who knows right now, but it will be the middle east. The far east has been put on the back burner.
I believe we gave China's dogs of war the "bone" they desired, by Bush's turning his back on Taiwan. So China will stop trying to create trouble for us for a while, give us time to "sew up" the middle east. Or at least, an attempt to do so.

I see troops coming home, and a turnover of Iraq to the council, in the coming months, so Bush can claim righteousness in his imperialistic campaigns; and have a landslide victory of historic perportions. (With the help of DIEBOLD?)

I have to agree with Rayelan, this takes a LOT of the wind out of the Democrats sails; and the upcoming media overflow of it all, will "verify" and "justify" Bush's actions.

Very interesting point made by Rayelan also, that OTHER Arabs will see it as Iraqi's not wanting relief from US occupation, but their pound of flesh from Saddam. A "nice" side effect also.
And that Saddams thugs are possibly, probably trying to come up with a way to snuff this man... WOW, what a concept! You can bet yer butt, this is probably going on now too. It would certainly throw a monkey wrench in the works, eh?

EXCELLENT post Rayelan! ONE thing is for sure, the world gets weirder and weirder DAILY! I see the manipulation of the masses like the sun shing in my eyes going to work in the mornings!!

Another thought on my part here....

Is this a diversion from the upcoming pandemic? LOTS of news about WHEN it comes, not IF! Diversion from the warnings on flu vaccinations? Last year a old folks home had 37 cases of bad flu. Of that 37, 31 or 32 had been vaccinated! HMMMM ought to tell you something there folks!

Time to cool it on the wars, now lets let a flu loose on the people. OH yeah, "Al-Queda" is planning something over the CHRISTmas season too... (I REFUSE to say holidays!) Justify the invasions, get some boys and girls back home, get re-elected... then..... ???

I dread the answer to that one!



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