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Abbott warns of $400bn tax bill under draft Copenhagen agreement

The Australian [1]
Wednesday, Dec 9th, 2009

AUSTRALIANS could be hit with a tax bill of up to $400 billion under a draft deal leaked at the Copenhagen summit, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said today.

“Just to get a five per cent reduction in emissions, Mr Rudd wants to whack a $120 billion tax on us,” Mr Abbott said.

“To get a 15 per cent or 25 per cent reduction in emissions on Mr Rudd’s logic, it’s going to be an even bigger tax – perhaps a $300 or $400 billion tax.

“So I think that the Australian people ought to be very concerned about anything that Mr Rudd might sign us up to in Copenhagen.”

Mr Abbott was seizing on a leaked document [2] from the Copenhagen climate summit that suggested countries like Australia would have to commit to much higher targets.

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