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ABC Panelists Argue for Gun Confiscation and Tout Anti-Gun Kids

Newsbusters [1]
March 5, 2018

On Sunday, following a week marked by President’s Trump’s multiple flip-flops on gun rights and due process, the panel on ABC’s This Week fortified liberal calls for gun control with one appearing to openly argue for ignoring the Second Amendment and to confiscate firearms. And on top of that, one CNN employee toed the company line and defended their disaster of a gun control town hall and begged people to listen to the radical children demanding gun bans.

In the middle of a discussion of the President’s turbulent week, including his about-face on backing Democratic gun control measures, former Bloomberg editor Megan Murphy seemed to demand Australian-style gun confiscations, which would be unconstitutional, to curtail gun rights in this country.

Let’s unpack this confiscation and due process. Let’s not allow the NRA to wrap themselves with the only constitutional mantel as if that exists,” Murphy angrily spat. “Other countries have implemented program toss take back weapons that are particularly dangerous that have been used in mass shootings, that have been used to kill first-graders, teenagers, et cetera. There are programs in place.

Murphy was obviously bitter that the right to own a gun was codified in the constitution and seemed to suggest that lawmakers just ignore it all together. “Let’s not do as we’ve done so many times before by saying: the Second Amendment, due process, constitutional rights,” she ranted while touting the radical anti-gun kids that had become liberal media darlings.

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