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ACTIVIST VICTORY: Oak Park Drops Charges Against Julie Bass and Her Vegetable Garden

Editor’s NoteThe real victory here is that would-be tyrants buckled under the pressure of true activism.  Great job to everyone who used the tools of the system against the system — Facebook, petitions, blogs, and tens of thousands of phone calls — to stand up to this ridiculous injustice.  And a hat tip to those in the alternative media [1] who spread this story.  So, for the cynics who say that any effort is a waste of time against a power so pervasive, let this be just one more example as to what is possible when people decide to actually take action and DO SOMETHING.

Alexis Wiley

Fox 2 News
July 15, 2011

No possible jail time for Julie Bass after planting a front yard vegetable garden. The City of Oak Park has dropped the misdemeanor charges against her.

Bass was facing a possible 93-days in jail for planting and not removing her front yard vegetable garden after she received a ticket for a misdemeanor violation.  (see Alexis Wiley original video report) [2]

Bass’s story has become an internet sensation [3]with thousands of people across the country chiming in support for what many perceive as a violation of personal freedom.

A petition drive, Facebook page and blog worked in tandem to gain notoriety and perhaps force the city to change its mind about the ticket.

Bass’s case was headed to court before today’s announcement that the charges were dropped.

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