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Activists Spoof 9/11 Memorial Brochures With Ones Containing Actual Facts

Brochures cleverly designed to mirror official pamphlets

Adan Salazar
Prison Planet.com
May 20, 2014

A group of activists plan to distribute information-packed pamphlets geared to destroy the government’s official narrative of how the events of September 11, 2001 unfolded, and they’re headed to the crime scene to hand them out.

Naive visitors to the National September 11 Memorial Museum in Lower Manhattan, currently unaware of the corruption that allowed the attacks to take place, and the subsequent controlled demolitions which turned three towering skyscrapers into heaps of metal and rubble, will earn a crash course in 9/11 truth thanks to the efforts of activists with Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Side-by-side comparison of brochures / Dropbox.com [1]

Side-by-side comparison of brochures / Dropbox.com [2]

Stalwart members of the campaign, whose organization boasts more than 2,100 actual architects and engineers, all of whom have concluded that fires could not possibly have brought the World Trade Center buildings down that day, will be handing out pamphlets cleverly designed to look exactly like the official museum brochure, but with actual facts instead of a collection of fragile lies.

During the museum’s grand opening, on Wednesday, May 21, and again on Saturday, May 24, group members and volunteers will pass out flyers posing vital questions concerning the destruction of the buildings, such as:

How did WTC 1’s reinforced structural framing vanish within 10 seconds? and Why did WTC 1 and 2 collapse at near free-fall speed defying the laws of physics?

And most importantly – Why did Building 7, the Salomon Brothers building, a 47-story skyscraper which was not hit by a plane – collapse within 7 seconds that day in undeniable controlled demolition fashion?

For years, the controlled demolition of Building 7 has been AE9/11 Truth’s main point of contention due to its flagrant obviousness. Building 7 info tidbits greet brochure readers on the second page and again at the end with the haunting question, “Did you know a 3rd tower fell on 9/11?”

Calling the current museum “an elaborate, taxpayer-funded, public relations campaign to forever cement the fantastic claims of the official conspiracy theory into the history books,” the website 911 Working Group of Bloomington [3], an affiliated organization, charges that “Museum visitors will be presented with a first-rate “Madison Avenue” account of September 11th that has served as the justification for two wars, demolished our national economy, and deprived us of our privacy and civil liberties.”

“This historical revisionism needs to be countered with an all-out effort of the truth of 9/11,” the site declares. “By printing thousands of educational flyers and distributing them via teams of AE911Truth volunteers at the memorial grounds entry, we can inform the public as to why the 9/11 Memorial Museum is largely a fraud.”

AE911 Truth’s efforts are part of a larger campaign which has been responsible for placing large billboards [4] regarding the narrative’s various inconsistencies in downtown New York, as well as televised ads that prompt subway riders [5] traveling through Toronto’s subway system.

Check out the complete brochure below:

911 Memorial Brochure [6]