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AE911Truth “Companion” Edition 10-Minute WTC 7 Video Online

9/11 Blogger [1]
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

9/11: Blueprint for Truth – WTC Building 7 – 10 minutes – from the new AE911Truth “Companion” Edition DVD


This is one of the 3 abridged videos on the new AE911Truth Companion Edition to “9/11: Blueprint for Truth — The Architecture of Destruction” DVD. In just 10 minutes Richard Gage, AIA of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth takes you through most of the scientific forensic evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the destruction of WTC 7 was accomplished with explosive controlled demolition.

This DVD is available at the AE911Truth online store [2], packaged together along with the 30 and 60 minute versions of 9/11: Blueprint for Truth. See the extended 2 hour Research Edition [2] for the complete array of evidence and background information! Visit www.ae911truth.org [3] for further details.