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After Recent ‘Successes’ in Region, France Ready to Arm Syrian Rebels

Daniel McAdams
The LRC Blog [1]
March 15, 2013

France and Britain announced they are sick of the EU arms embargo on Syria’s rebels — it’s no fun — and have announced that come hell or high water they are about to begin openly providing deadly weapons [2] to those seeking to overthrow the Syrian government.

This is because Libya was so successful [3] and Mali is going just swimmingly [4].

And who will the French and British be openly supporting [5] (covert support has long been delivered)?

“There are a few terror radical Islamist groups in Syria supported from outside: Al Qaeda, Fatah al-Islam (Conquest of Islam), Junud al-Islam (Soldiers of Islam), Firaq Allah (Brigades of Allah), A Talia al-Mukatila (Fighting Vanguard), the military wing of Muslim brothers, Al-Nusra Front (The Support Front for the People of Syria), gangs of criminals…

“In 2012-2013 these groups conducted terrorist activities in Homs, Idlib, Aleppo, Damascus, the death toll was hundreds of civilians… The training camps are situated in Jordan and Turkey. Special services of the United States and some Arab states are involved in training and arms supplies. The money comes from the Persian Gulf monarchies.”

But to establish democracy you have to break a few eggs, no?

As Boris Dolgov writes [5] today, it’s not that simple:

“There are two belligerents in the confrontation. The Bashar Assad’s leadership supported by the major part of population (60% – 75% according to different sources), its law enforcement agencies, armed forces on the one side and armed formations waging terror campaign, predominantly radical Islamists, on the other. Many of them come from Muslim Arab states and European Muslim communities. Al Qaeda militants make up part of the opposition.”

So…France and Britain and the US are supporting the same al Qaeda militants in Syria that they claim to be fighting in Mali and Yemen and Pakistan and Afghanistan. In the name of democracy. Even though a US official admits [6] that a majority of the Syrian people actually support the current Syrian government. Democracy is what we say it is. Or as the Soviets said, real existing socialism is only a step toward the ideal system, world communism. It’s not their fault that the people are too stupid to know what is good for them.