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Air France received South American bomb threat days before Flight 447 disappeared over Atlantic

David Williams
UK Daily Mail [1]
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A bomb threat was called in on an Air France flight from Buenos Aires to Paris just days before Flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic ocean, it has been revealed.

Ezeiza International Airport officials delayed the flight on the evening of May 27 after the bomb threat was called in.

Federal Police and airport safety officers inspected the plane and it was cleared for take-off, Argentine media reported. The search lasted about an hour and a half, and passengers were not evacuated from the plane.



The news came as investigators remained baffled over the mystery of what happened to cause Flight 447 to drop out of the sky so quickly that pilots did not even have time to make a Mayday call.

The French government has not yet ruled out terrorism – but with no terrorist groups coming forward to claim responsibility for an attack, that theory is seeming increasingly unlikely.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Investigators found debris from the wreckage of the doomed plane floating in the Atlantic yesterday – including a life jacket and a plane seat.

Now it’s a race against time for the Brazilian Air Force to reach the crash site before the remaining debris sinks into the ocean – taking any chance of discovering what happened to Flight 447 with it.

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