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Airports Can Legally Opt-Out, Kick TSA Program to the Curb, and Instead Hire Private Security Screeners

Network World
Nov 18, 2010

Airports are not required to have TSA screeners checking passengers at security checkpoints and can instead opt to hire private security screeners.

Did you know that U.S. airports could choose to kick the TSA program to the curb? According to the 2001 law that created the TSA, after two years of using TSA screeners to check passengers at security checkpoints, airports have a right to opt-out of the TSA program and instead hire private screeners [1].

According to Washington Examiner [2], Rep. John Mica wrote to heads of more than 150 U.S. airports, reminding airports that they have a choice and suggesting that they opt-out of TSA screening. Mica will soon be chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He wrote, “When the TSA was established, it was never envisioned that it would become a huge, unwieldy bureaucracy which was soon to grow to 67,000 employees. As TSA has grown larger, more impersonal, and administratively top-heavy, I believe it is important that airports across the country consider utilizing the opt-out provision’ and use private screening.”

In past years, some airports have cited liability concerns [3] if they hire private screeners and a terrorist would get through.

Mica said the TSA is counting more on humiliating passengers with the grossly invasive “naked scanner” machines and groping searches than practicing proven airport security. Yet TSA’s Blogger Bob [4] insists, “There is no fondling, squeezing, groping, or any sort of sexual assault taking place at airports.”

Full article here [5]

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