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Al Assad: Turkey party to bloodshed in Syria

Reuters [1]
July 4, 2012

Ankara Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has made Turkey a party to Syria’s bloodshed by interfering in Damascus’s internal affairs and by giving logistical support to the rebels, Syrian President Bashar Al Assad told a Turkish newspaper.

Al Assad also accused the Turkish leader of being “two-faced” by pursuing a sectarian agenda in the region and trying to persuade Damascus to introduce political reforms while ignoring the killings and democratic shortfalls in Gulf states.

“With his desire from the beginning to interfere in our internal affairs, unfortunately, in the subsequent period he has made Turkey a party to all the bloody acts in Syria,” the Cumhuriyet newspaper quoted Assad as saying.

“Turkey has given all kinds of logistical support to the terrorists killing our people,” Al Assad said in the second part of an interview published on Wednesday.

In the first part published on Tuesday, Al Assad said he wished his forces had not shot down a Turkish jet last month, repeating Syria’s official position that it did not know the plane’s identity when it was brought down.

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