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Alex Jones Broadcasts Live From The DNC In Denver

Watch live feed and updates from the convention amidst police crackdown on protesters

Steve Watson
Infowars.net [1]
day, August 25, 2008

Alex Jones and the Infowars team will be broadcasting live and posting updates from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Readers can catch exclusive coverage from the epicenter of the action as the crew document what is sure to be another demonstration of the police state in full flow.

Already reports have emerged of a large scale police presence in Denver. The secret service has instigated massive security schemes at a cost of $100 million in federal taxpayer funds, transforming Denver into a “high-tech fortress [2]“.

Officials estimate that between 20,000 to 50,000 protesters will attend the convention, protesters have been told that they must congregate in designated demonstration zones, which some have dubbed “freedom cages”. A multi-block perimeter [3] around the convention site has seen anti-war activists confronted and barred from moving closer to the convention by “helmeted, masked, and truncheon-toting police officers. [4]

One observer commented that downtown looked more like a police state than a political convention, with officers on almost every corner, military helicopters overhead, snipers on top of buildings, reports ABC news [5].

Amongst the peaceful protestors, the usual group of black bloc anarchists have already been spotted. Rumors are circling that there may be some sort of coordinated anarchist event [6] later today at 6pm close to the Civic Center Park in Denver.

That area has also been a focus of concern overnight as Denver police officers, firefighters and the Denver Bomb Squad were called to the Civic Center Plaza and carried out a controlled explosion [7] on a “suspicious package”. The federal government has also told emergency managers to be on the lookout for fake emergency and commercial vehicles, which could be used by “terrorists” to “conduct surveillance or to carry out an attack”, according to the AP [8].

This is particularly pertinent in light of the fact that during previous mass protest events, authorities have actively staged violence [9] to justify a brutal crackdown on legitimate demonstrators.

Two weeks ago reporters discovered a huge city owned warehouse holding facility [10] in Denver, consisting of steel cages topped with barbed wire, ready to receive thousands of protesters.

On seeing footage of the facility one local political organizer told the crew it resembled a “concentration camp”, while another described it as a “meat processing plant”. The facility has already been dubbed “Gitmo On The Platte”.

Last week a police bulletin [11] was leaked which advised officers that potentially violent protesters may be identified from their use of hand held radios, bikes, maps and “camping information.”

The convention runs until August 24-29.

Watch the first update from the team:

Watch the live feed below:

Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on Justin.tv [12]

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