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Alex Jones Interviews Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul – Full Transcript

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Friday 12th December, 2008

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Alex Jones: Well, ladies & gentlemen, out of the gates, we have Gen. Hamid Gul, and of course he was the head of Pakistani intelligence ISI back in the 1980’s, he went on CNN on Sunday night on one of their international programs and talked about the fact that he believed 9/11 was an inside job, and that the Mumbai attacks, formerly Bombay, were also an inside job.

As you know, we have detailed that that was a False Flag attack, carried out by western intelligence, clearly, in India, as a pretext to start World War III between the two nations.  There were also calls, the Pakistani government said were officially made, confirmed with the phone records, from the Indian Foreign Ministry, saying “we are going to attack you”, attempting to trick the Pakistanis into launching some type of attack, and that almost happened.

So, for the next thirty minutes I’m very honored to be joined by Gen. Hamid Gul, and General, joining us from Pakistan, thank you so much for coming on with us today.

Hamid Gul:  You are welcome.

Alex Jones:  Uh, just out of the gates, I was told by your son that you were not happy with the CNN interview, that they edited you.  So, you’ve got the floor, sir.  We’re not going to edit you.  You are live, so tell the world what is really going on.

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Hamid Gul:  Well, at the moment, we have to look at this human — great human tragedy that took place in Bombay.  I sympathize with India; they’ve been rocked very badly.  And their response was a bit nervous.  They want to go to war with Pakistan if Pakistan does not behave or does not hand over whoever they want from us.  They have given a list of people.

But I think that there has been a long record of the Indians accusing Pakistan whenever something like this happens, and in the past they have turned out to be every time wrong.  Of course Pakistan is willing to cooperate.  And I think that is a very good position that President Zardari has taken, that “you provide the evidence and we will try them out; we will arrest them we will put them to trial, and you can come and watch, see, and let the international cameras come and see.  And there shall be a transparent, open trial, and if that does not satisfy you, then what else will?”

So, this is the situation where we stand today: there is an ominous tack from India, and America seems to be partly patting them on the back, and asking Pakistan to do whatever India is demanding.  Now this is an unfair position, because India is not like America.  America demanded from Pakistan back in — after 9/11 to cooperate and hand over anybody that Pakistan could lay their hands on.  Seven hundred or so people were caught in Pakistan, they were sent to Guantanamo Bay, to Baghram and to Kandahar jail.  And nothing came out — Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was the only one who was tried in that case: all others have been let off.

So, to get innocent people like that, just because you accuse them, and you don’t even provide the evidence, you pick them up and shove them in jails, this is not on [misses ]. I think that this belittles the values that particularly democracies uphold, and they talk so much about.  And so I think that my son-in-law putted it good enough, and today Pakistan backed down on some of the defunct organizations — in fact these were banned in the year 2002, immediately after 9/11, but there could be some maverick elements among them who would still — I won’t rule out, could carry out uhhh [bumper music begins in background]— in — uh, on their own or in conjunction with some other forces [“partic”??] that kind of atrocities.  But we have to wait and see, how it goes.

Alex Jones:  OK, Mr. — uh, Mr. Gul, General Hamid Gul, please stay with us.  We’re gonna break and come back in a long segment, uh, plenty of time for you to break down what’s going on, the serious tensions, uh being, un being risen due to what happened a few weeks ago in India.  Please stay with us.


Alex Jones:  Reading from Wikipedia, “General Hamid Gul, served as director general of Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence, ISI, during ‘87-‘89, mainly in the time when Benazir Bhutto was Prime Minister of Pakistan. He was instrumental in the anti-Soviet support of the mujahideen in the Afghan War, ’79 to ‘89, a pivotal time during the Cold War, and the estab — “ and it goes on.  And we have him on line with us.  We of course yesterday played the CNN, uh, TV interview that he did.  This is live, and is not edited.  Going back to him in Pakistan we’ve tried three different lines, this is the best one we have, we apologize our audio is not very loud to him, not very audible, and his back to us is very, very broken up.  But we nevertheless have him joining us, we’re very thankful. 

Uh, sir, continuing, on the CNN program, at least what they edited you to say, you talked about 9/11, the evidence being that nine eleven was an inside job, and the attacks in Bombay, now Mumbai, of a few weeks ago, that the evidence was, it was an inside job.  Can you go over the evidence that you believe that these were
False Flag events, sir, and why these False Flag events are being staged.

Hamid Gul:  Are you talking about 9/11?

Alex Jones:  Yes, sir.

Hamid Gul:  Well, I have my own reasons, you know, Rod Nordland was the CNN reporter here, I think he was based in Islamabad at that time, and he came to me immediately after 9/11, and his version that, uh, that I put out, it was given to the Newsweek, and unfortunately it was blocked, but it appeared on the internet, on the website of the Newsweek.  And you can see it, I think it is dated 16th or 17th of September, 2001.  [Note: the article is Prejudice In Pakistan: Why Is Islamabad Reluctant To Pressure Neighboring Afghanistan Into Turning Over Osama Bin Laden?, by Rod Nordland, dated 9/14/2001].

And in that I had said the same thing, and I still maintain that that’s my position.  I have [“seven”??] reasons for it:

a.    that 9/11 took place on the American soil, not a single person has been caught inside America, even though for doing such a job I think a huge amount of logistic support is required in the area where such operation is carried out.

b.    Secondly, the air traffic control, when they saw the four aircraft were changing direction — going from east coast to west coast where they were headed, they started traveling in different directions.  And it is quite amazing that for a very long period of time the air traffic control did not report this, nor did the US Air Force act in time.  If, er, one were to calculate from the first flight, when it took off from Logan, till the first aircraft, and the solitary aircraft that took off was an F16 that took off from Langley, which is CIA headquarters, instead of one of the operational bases.  So many of them are available in that area.  And then a single aircraft never takes off, because we have been told that whenever the aircraft scramble they scramble in twos.  And the time that it took was enormous.  It took a hundred and twelve minutes!  A hundred twelve minutes is a very long time in which to react.  Was the US Air Force sleeping?  And if it was sleeping, which heads will roll?

c.    Second [NB: his third point]  it was a huge intelligence failure, and no heads have been rolled, nobody has been taken to task, not a single person has resigned for this.

d.    Thirdly, the air traffic control should have been rehashed, they should have been turned inside out, but nothing of the sort happened.

e.    And finally, how come this is a coincidence that all transponders did not work, and it is not possible — and the direction is changed and it is not noticed?

f.    Secondly, the US Air Force has the ability, because in the past whenever a plane has been hijacked, the record is that within seven minutes the US aircraft has been on the wing of the hijacked aircraft.  In this case it  — uh, it did not happen.  The US alert system is so high, and it is so sophisticated, that if a missile were to take off from Moscow, and were to head toward New York, it takes about eighty minutes.  And the US Air Force, and the missile systems, is supposed to intercept it within nine minutes — that means only Atlantic: around the Pacific it must stop that missile from coming in.

The system is in place, but it didn’t work, and nobody tried to question this.

g.    Lastly, no inquiry has so far been held formally into the incident, and the whole world has been turned upside down, so many people have been killed, the American economy is going into a meltdown, and everything is gone wrong with the world, and yet no formal inquiry has been ordered by the US government.  So I really don’t know.  There are so many questions which hang in the balance. 

h.    And then to top it all, they say that [Obama Hamodu??(Hani Hanjour)] took the training by light aircraft in the army for six months, he could have maneuvered a jumbo 745 — uh, 757 from a height where it was traveling — that height was 9,000, and it came within seconds to a height of 1000, and then went straight into its target.  Now this is not possible for a person who has been trained on a light aircraft to be able to do this. 

Alex Jones:  Yes, sir.

Hamid Gul:  And there is no mention of the second aircraft, and so there are a number of things which remain unanswered.

Alex Jones:  Yes, sir.

Hamid Gul:  Whenever the journalists come, and visit me here, and I ask them these questions, that “why haven’t you taken the answers about this?”, and they say that “Patriotic Act comes in the way”, and we are not supposed to ask that question”.

Alex Jones:  General — we are talking to General Hamid Gul, the former head of Pakistani ISI, during the key period of fighting the Russians, he was also, before he was the head of ISI, one of the chiefs according to our media, running operations against the Russians.  And of course working with the United States closely, as well as the Saudi Arabians, and the British.  Y’know, if that’s incorrect, correct me.

Uh, General Gul, what are the motives?  We have the PNAC, with Dick Cheney saying we need a Pearl Harbor event, we have 44,000 US troops massing in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in the days before 9/11, we have Bush on September 10, Newsweek reported ordering the launch of attacks the next week, we have, of course, the buildings being blown up with explosives, and all of the witnesses to that, now the government admits that Building 7 did fall in freefall, was not hit by a plane — specifically, sir, motives.  Why would the Military Industrial Complex controlling the United States, why would they stage a 9/11 attack?

Hamid Gul:  Well, I think there’s also the Cold War,  when the — Reaganomics it was known as, the inflation was very high, and, domestic issues had to be addressed, but, uh, Bill Clinton, [two and hammose??] they really amassed a lot of money, American economy went booming, and he left a lot of money, and the — hard boys, Cold Warriors, when they came in they — they found that the situation was ready, they had money and they had resources, and they looked upon the conquest of the world, for which there was an opportunity window.

The Muslim world was lying prostrate, Russia was not still picking up from the — it’s foreign position, China was not ready yet, and therefore they looked upon it as an opportunity to go and do the [forming??].  And in this, I am a soldier, and I know that there has to be a single aim, but they mixed up the aims and they have botched up everything.  First they said that they would go into such specific areas where there was no US presence before, as — such as the western Asia and South Asia — South Asia, where there was no American [???] present, and they wanted it there.

They had to keep the Chinese off from getting into the Middle East, they had to lay their hands on the energy tap of the world, which presently lies in the Middle East, but in future it will be in Central Asia, and so Afghanistan is the gateway to Central Asia, and finally to suppress any resistance, particularly which could threaten the state of Israel.

Now that is where they, instead of pursuing the American objectives, they started pursuing the Israeli objectives, and that is where they went wrong.  You have to pick out a single aim, that is the first principle of war, and I don’t know why the generals and the politicians of America, they could be so naïve and so ignorant, that they started mixing aims, and they went into this war, without a buildup, without particular preparation, and without the American support behind them.

Because if they had gone to war, and asked for the support of the American people, they would never given them their support.  So they had to create a pretext, and this was the pretext that they created.

Alex Jones:  General, we’re gonna break in a second, and come back for the final segment.  I’m hoping I can get you to stay a little longer, because I want you to speak unedited to the American people and the people of the world.  I want to shift gears into Mumbai, what happened in India.  Clearly the evidence of even the Indian intelligence chief, as you know, was saying that the Indian government was staging terror attacks on the train, an army captain was caught doing that and arrested, the chief of anti-terror was threatened, he was killed that day when it started in Mumbai, now they have caught an anti-terror police officer giving cell phones to the supposed terrorist that they’re saying came from Pakistan, we know the West is deeply in bed with some of the blocks of the former mujahideen, uh, can you speak to that?


Hamid Gul:  Can you hear me — I can’t hear you properly, can you hear me all right?

Alex Jones:  Yes, sir, I can hear you.  When we come back, we will s­ — we will speak to what happened in India.  Did you hear that?

Hamid Gul:  Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Alex Jones:  Good.  Why they are staging terror attacks there, the evidence of False Flag/Inside Job in India.   So when we return after this quick break [music begins] with the former head of Pakistani intelligence, uh, General Hamid Gul, joining us from Pakistan.  I am coming to you from Austin, Texas, hence the phone troubles.  We will work on those, sir, during the break.  My websites of course are InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Stay with us, we’ll be right back with this exclusive interview.


[bumper music: Leonard Cohen —
Everybody knows the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows — the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
. . . .]

Alex Jones:  We are back live.  It is Dec. 9th, 2008.  Gen. Hamid Gul, one of the most famous members of the  — and commanders of Pakistani intelligence, who worked in — with the United States in the whole operation against the Russians — was the commander of those operations — is our guest, with us graciously until forty after.

Uh, General, uh, not wasting any more time, I listed earlier the fact that Indian intelligence captains in the army have been caught in India staging bombings.  That’s Indian news.  Uh, that Indian intelligence and police have been caught giving cell phones to the supposed shooters.  The police stood down, and only the anti-terror commanders that had said that India was staging terror, they were killed in the initiation of the attacks in Mumbai.  That’s some of the evidence of Mumbai being an inside job.  Namely, why do you believe Mumbai is a staged event two weeks ago, (A), and (B), what is the motive?

Hamid Gul:  Well, the motive is very simple, that, uh, Americans want India to come on board with them in their War Against Terror, especially when they run out of troops in Afghanistan.  The NATO allies are pulling out, they are dragging their feet, they are not prepared to fight there, but they want to make it an Indian cause, and they want nearly 150,000 troops in Afghanistan.

That is one reason where there is an American motive.  There is an Israeli motive, which is similar, that the Americans should not pull out of Afghanistan just because they are short of troops, so they must have more troops there.  Because if they go away without denuclearizing Pakistan, the state of Israel will remain under perpetual danger.  So they have an innate fear that Americans will lose heart and pull out of this region, they’re already going out of Iraq. And if they were to go out of Afghanistan, Israel — this will be an unfinished agenda, and Israel will be at the losing end.

So, the NeoCons and the Zionists, they together want to hatch a conspiracy so that Obama gets trapped into a situation where for next four years he keep on sorting out this embroglio.

As far as the ability is concerned, which is the other element, can you imagine that people traveling from Karachi in two rickety boats, they can travel all the way to Bombay and then go into action immediately and fight a battle for seventy-two hours, and there are just ten of them, and in each group there were two?  This is impossible.  They were carrying so much of munitions with them, and that, uh, that munition lasted till fighting withstood the — crack troops of India for so long.

And you know that in Nariman House, the five Jewish hostages, they were killed by the Indian commandos.  They were not killed by these people.  So why would the Indian commandos kill them?  And Israelis suppressed this information.  It initially came out in one of the Indian dail — eh, Israeli dailies, but then it was suppressed.

So if you go by the record of the Indian accusations against Pakistan, in the past ten years, uh, 2001 on December 13, there was an attack on the Indian Lok Sabha [lower house of Parliament], and they blamed Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Taiba for it, but it turned out that these were Indian Kashmiris themselves, and because India is causing so much atrocities in Kashmir, therefore there’s a good reason for them that they would — carry out something like that.

Then the — again in 2006, there was the Samjhota Express case, in which 68 passengers, mostly Pakistanis were killed, and this train was stopped at an obscure railway station in Haryana, and then doors were locked and the train was set on fire, and again this was proclaimed that it was Pakistani Lashkar-e-Taiba, and they had done it because they wanted to derail the peace process.  But, uh, Marshal Purohit, Shrikant Purohit has been caught in it, and there are other Indian officers who are, uh, or were his accomplices, and he has a big net worth — they — took the RDX from the Deolali depot, which is a military depot —

Alex Jones:  the explosives —

Hamid Gul:  so one can say there is a deep penetration of the militant Hindus in military and intelligence organizations in India.

So in this case, why would they not do that, because they want to again derail this process, and when Obama says that he will mediate on Kashmir, and there is a Kashmiri [music begins] political movement picking up momentum, and in this situation he says that he would, uh, send, uh, Bill Clinton as the mediator.  Obviously the militants in India do not want this to happen and they had to preempt it.

So, Pakistan doesn’t gain, Pakistani ISI doesn’t gain anything from it.  The next beneficiary is either the militant Hindu —

Alex Jones:  Stay there, sir, we have to break.

Hamid Gul:  who have their eye on the next election —

Alex Jones:  we have to break —


Alex Jones:  Well, ladies and gentlemen, a rare interview, extremely enlightening.  We’re talking to the former head of Pakistani intelligence, the ISI.  I want to thank Paul Watson, who will be on the line.  He’s gonna pop in with a question or two.  I want to thank, uh, Simon over in the UK for getting us this number.  Thank Aaron for staying up late last night to get the producing job done to get this interview right here on the GCN Radio Network.  Uh, General, continuing with motive, I have the headline here, “Pakistan Asserts ‘Hoax’ War Call Was Real — Press Minister fingers Indian High Commission as source of reports that threatening call was fake”. 

As you know this was in most of the Pakistani papers.  The government has the caller ID and the phone records, that the threatening call, saying that India was going to attack within minutes of the terrorist attacks beginning in Mumbai a few weeks ago, this provocative call within minutes saying India was going to attack Pakistan, attempting to get Pakistan to move troops to the border and have a conflict, and the media saying possible war between the two thermonuclear powers was narrowly averted.  Can you speak to that?

Hamid Gul:  Yes, indeed.  I think the Americans and the Indians both have been very responsible about it, because Condoleezza Rice’s statement in America and in India when she went and visited Delhi.  They were very threatening towards Pakistan, and it was sort of a dictation that “you have to satisfy India”.  Now this is amazing, that Pakistan has to satisfy India.  On what score?  Indians have still to come out with the evidence.  And as far as this one man whom they have caught, who knows that this is not a bogey, and that this man was loitering around somewhere.  There’re plenty of Pakistanis who crossed the border illegally or legally, and he could have been picked up, and he’s become the front man for singing on those stories.

So one doesn’t really know.  It’s too early to start threatening war against Pakistan because Pakistan is a nuclear country, and if they brandish their power, conventional power, then I can assure you that as a soldier I will say that conventional war, limited war, within the nuclear environment is not possible in the subcontinent.

And if it comes to an exchange of nuclear weapons, then this becomes a Third World War.  China cannot stay out.  Russia will not stay out.  Russia is already showing its belligerence towards the —  America and Europe.  And China of course is a very major economic power.  They are a nuclear power, and if this thing happens in their back yard they will not accept it.

So this is a very dangerous situation.  I think it is playing with the fire.  So the whole thing is getting — could get out of hand.  It is again, as I told you that the part of the unfinished agenda that the NeoCons had in their mind.  And they think back now, “well, we carry it out, even though the Americans wanted a change.”

But let’s look at what change means.  I mean Obama has not too very clearly enunciated what change would be.  But one can assume that change means focusing on the domestic issues.  There is an economic meltdown, the car industry is going sick, and many other things are happening inside America, the social welfare and the Medicare extra trust.

So as in all these things, there is a need for the new administration to focus entirely on the domestic issues —

Alex Jones:  well, General —

Hamid Gul:  and for that it will have to disengage externally.

Alex Jones:  General — as you know, in the last three months, before Obama was even elected, he said Pakistan and Afghanistan would be his main focus.  The strikes inside Pakistan — it’s clear that his change means what Zbigniew Brzezinski wants, shifting — uh, what the RAND Corporation has said they want, shifting the war out of the Middle East into Central Asia.

So I believe the change is gonna be these provocations.  Look at the NeoCons, with Israeli and NATO-backed forces launching the sneak attack on the Russian held South Ossetia on 8/8/8.  So it appears they are trying to launch a major — uh, larger than a theater war, as the RAND Corporation said a month ago, they want a major new war.

Hamid Gul:  Yes, indeed you’re right, because this is an old theory, [weet ul  josaperry??] theory, first put out by MacKinder and then by Mahan, who was an admiral in the US Navy, that this is the rimland, you’ve got to first control the rimland in Asia before you can strike in the heartland of Asia.  So this heartland/rimland thing, I think it tricked into the story —

Alex Jones:  geopolitical

Hamid Gul:  it tricked into the picture that, if they have a conflict in the rimland, and they can control it, then it becomes so much easier to go into the heartland. 

This is really asking too much when America is really not in a very healthy economic condition.  So I think that this is brinkmanship of the highest order, and if they enlarge the area of conflict in this war against terrorism, and if they prolong the period of conflict, then America will definitely lose. 

Alex Jones:  General —

Hamid Gul:  Because I know that when you are fighting the [illevel of??] fighters, and then the area of conflict is enlarged, let’s say you extend it into the tribal areas of Pakistan, or it is pushed into Kashmir as well, so the [canna??] can be monitored and watched quite easily, then the area will become larger and the US simply does not have the troops.  And there is not a moral cause strong enough for the American people to be mobilized behind it.

Alex Jones:  So that’s why they staged

Hamid Gul:  So I don’t know — this is pure madness to be thinking of such things at this time.

Alex Jones:  So that’s why they need proxies like India to destabilize the region for the encirclement of Russia, and of course China, blocking those pipelines. 

Now, sir, in the time we’ve got left, you worked with the United States and Saudi Arabia, with Israel, or at least Pakistan did, fighting the Russian invasion.  Uh, of course, if these reports are incorrect, correct me, but you were one of the main commanders helping the mujahideen.  You were the head of Pakistani intelligence right at the time you had the victory against the Russians.

It is reported here that al-Qaeda was founded by the new Secretary of Defense Gates and Zbigniew Brzezinski, uh, or, or that they were the Wahabist fighting corps, and that they are now being used to try to bring down the Pakistani government and to try to stage attacks inside India.  So can you speak with your particular expertise to that, and then, also the fact that they are now trying to list you as a terrorist, and then thirdly, did you ever meet Osama bin Laden?  Is Osama bin Laden dead many years ago of kidney failure, as Benazir Bhutto said?

Hamid Gul:  Well, uh, I was actually in charge of operations against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and the Americans were providing the logistic support, and the Saudis were sharing one half of the budget for this war.  And it was a cheap war because in all — there was uh ten years that we were fighting the Russians, we spent not more than five billion dollars out of the American exchequers.  So it was a very cheap war for the Americans to have defeated the Russians and rid the whole of the West of this Red Menace that they used to call.

So, at that time, Osama bin Laden and his, uh colleagues, they were admired and romanticised by the CIA operators.  I had never met him then. I had nothing to do with him, because I was only busy training the Afghans.  We had to win a war, we had a task on our hands, it was a very big task, and we were so occupied with the training only the Afghans.  No other nation was trained by the ISI.  I can vouch on that.  Not a single person, not even a Pakistani was trained by them.

Osama bin Laden was — you know, I — had never met him, but to the — these people used to come and talk glowingly about him.  I met Osama bin Laden after my retirement from the army, in 1993 December in Khartoum, and then again in year, uh, 1994 November when I was went — I was there invited by a Hassan bin-Turabi to an international conference, and during that conference, Osama invited us to a banquet.  And it was all in an open place, and, uh, where there were many other people present.  I, uh, he struck me as a pretty normal human being, not the bloodthirsty animal that he is being presented by the CIA now.

At that time no conversation between him and me took place.  I don’t know whether he’s living or dead.  But so far Ayman — Ayman al-Zawahiri has been given — eh, representing him in various interviews of Osama that have been put out.

So one doesn’t really know.  But the last interview, which was a voice interview, in that the CIA and the other US intelligence agencies authenticated that it was Osama’s voice.  So one doesn’t really know whether he is living or dead.

Alex Jones:  Well, sir —

Hamid Gul:  But even if he is not living, he is a symbol.  Al-Qaeda is a franchise.  Whoever created that, and for whatever reason they created, I think it wasn’t there until 1996 when he was lodged in Khartoum.  Later on he was —

Alex Jones:  General —

Hamid Gul:   — invited by [later Afghan President] Burhanuddin Rabbani, who is now part of the Northern Alliance in Kabul, and he came over and he set up his headquarters in a place called Tora Bora near Jalalabad.   But, uhhh, that’s where one started hearing of al-Qaeda and the activities

Alex Jones:  Yes.

Hamid Gul:  of Osama bin-Laden.

Alex Jones:  General —

Hamid Gul:  And also the fact that his commander was responsible for bringing the “Blackhawk down” in the fierce operation in Mogadishu where an American aircraft was brought down by a Stinger, which had probably been supplied in Afghanistan to Afghan mujahideen.

Alex Jones:  OK, General —

Hamid Gul:  Yes —

Alex Jones:  General, I need to — in the time left here because we’ve only got a few minutes left with you here — uh, maybe five minutes and then we’re going to break and I don’t want to keep you any longer — we can perhaps have you back in the future.

Specifically, though, we know his CIA control name was Tim Osman, we know he was the bagman for a lot of the Saudi money and the Israeli money going in, I know that was compartmentalized and separate from Pakistani intelligence, from what I’ve read from different perspectives and US intelligence. 

So — so I believe you.  My whole point here is — is that al-Qaeda — al-CIAda didn’t carry out the attacks of 9/11 as you yourself have said.  His first interview said that he didn’t do it.  Then they produced these computer-morphed videos and fake audios that have been checked.  And the Intel Center, headed up by Rumsfeld’s former lieutenant, the private group was caught putting the same video layer in with the original video.  So it’s been proven that they’re creating these fake videos.

Hamid Gul:  There is no doubt about it, that this video which was put out in November by George Bush and — and said this was Osama bin-Laden and was high cheekboned like the mongoloid features, he wasn’t as tall as Osama bin-Laden was.  And one could clearly make out that this was doctored, and had been created on purpose to justify the attack on Afghanistan.

I think there are many things which are going wrong are being done on the behest of the government by the CIA which are not correct.  The CIA used to be good when they were working with us.  But I don’t know what happened thereafter.  I think it was overarching ambition.

Alex Jones:  Well, sir —

Hamid Gul:   — or it is the fear that America will lose it’s clout.  Whatever is the reason.  Or perhaps it is the Israeli fear that they are surrounded by a sea of hostile enemies, who could, if the Americans don’t, uh, now at this point in time, the don’t deliver a fatal blow to all their enemies, then Israel will have a short shelf life, otherwise also because it is an artificial state, that they would, uh, probably not exist, or they would —

Alex Jones:  General —

Hamid Gul:   — have — fi —

Alex Jones:  General: as you know, in the time we have left, they have over four hundred nukes, they have total dominance, no one could attack them with nukes, they have the anti-missile defense systems.  I believe it’s a red herring that they want to start World War III, uh, for their “safety”.  It’s World War III that will destroy Israel.

Hamid Gul:  Yes, indeed, and I think this 2006 September experience, I think, if it is any indicator for them, when they —

Alex Jones:  Hezbollah —

Hamid Gul:   — went into southern Lebanon and they got such a buffeting at the hands of — of Hezbollah, I think they’ll not do something like that, because it would mean annihilation of Israel.  And in any case Palestinian question is a very thorny question, and I do not know why the US administration is not addressing it differently —

Alex Jones:  OK

Hamid Gul:   — instead of these two different states there should be one Abrahamic state of Palestine.

Alex Jones:  General!

Hamid Gul:  Because all of the three religions which claim that they are divine religions they have been origined in Palestine, and I think that something new has been — has to be thought about.

Alex Jones:  All right —

Hamid Gul:  But unfortunately Bush administration in its very [?????????]  it said that they would sort out this Palestinian issue by creating two states.  After eight years we have gotten nowhere at all!

Alex Jones:  All right General, we’re almost out of time, two final questions, and I’m gonna let you go, and you can — any websites, any books, any materials you’d like to point people at to see your side of the story, we’d love to see it.  Two questions, let me give ‘em both to you and then answer them, please:

#1 — why are they trying to, now, list you as a terrorist, (A), when they admittedly worked with you (B) why do they always betray people like Saddam who they worked with and set up.

So (A) why are they trying to set you up, and (B) do you see the West staging more terror?

Hamid Gul:  Yes, of — I think they are simply afraid of me because I worked with them, I understand them, I can measure them up and I talk loudly about it, I mak — mince no words, I pil — pull no punches, and they are afraid that I preempt whatever scheming they do.  And I am — loud-voiced, there is no doubt about it.  And I speak the truth, they are trying to frame me, there is no truth in it.  If they had anything about me when I applied for a renewal of my VISA to America why did they not give it to me?  Because if they have something, they are looking around for terrorists, while this terrorist wants to come over and visit America, nab me, interrogate me, take me to bar, take me to court, do whatever you like.  It only shows that they have a mala fide.

As far as Saddam is concerned, it is a habit, it is a very bad habit.  They cultivate friends who become, like Pervez Musharraf, dictators, and then they make use of them, and then they turn upon them and then infect [?] the nation because of their policies.

And, what was the last part of your question?

Alex Jones:  All right, I’m gonna do a s —

Hamid Gul:  was it in India/Pakistan relations?

Alex Jones:  Sir, hold on one moment, General. John —

Hamid Gul:  Ju —

Alex Jones:  Ge — hold on, General — uh, General,  hold on one moment because we’ve only got a few minutes left.  John, skip this network break.  For stations:  I’m skipping, ‘cause I’me gonna let him go in three minutes.  I don’t want to hold him any longer, but I’m skipping this break, because this is too newsworthy. 

Yes sir, I’d like you to answer that question, uh, about what do you think, knowing them, working with the globalists, the New World Order, in the past, when it was still America, before we were totally dominated, what do you think their next moves are probably — uh, most probable, (A).

And then, finally, the attacks against the government in Pakistan, uh, using Muslim fronts.  Does that appear to be the West trying to destabilize your government?  They keep trying to kill the government, they killed Bhutto, they keep bombing government buildings, they keep bombing hotels, it appears the West is using false mujahideen to try to overthrow Pakistan.

Hamid Gul:  No, Benazir was not killed by any of the terrorists.  She was removed by the Americans, because she had violated her agreement, because they wanted to keep Pervez Musharraf there, and he slapped another [mustel???] on Pakistan.  So she had become rebellious, and such a person, who is a popular leader of a third world country, the head of the largest political party, a woman whom they could not attack as fundamentalist because she was so westernized, therefore it was very important for them to remove her, because they have a mischievous plan which they want to put through. 

So, they have installed instead Mr. Zardari, whom they can blackmail very easily, but they have allowed him to keep the powers of a dictator.  And in fact he’s the one who’s calling all the shots in Pakistan, so as Pakistan is already completely destabilized politically.

Our po — um, uh be — judicial institution simply does not exist, because the judicial crisis recently dethroned Chief Justice of Pakistan —

Alex Jones:  Yes — who is staging the terror attacks, because they’re clearly aimed at the government, or is that the government staging them as a pretext to crack down —

Hamid Gul:  No, no, no — this is because it — [Lombostit???] was attacked, and I think that George Bush addressed his nation on radio immediately after that, said “this was part of our plan in War Against Terrorism”, because Pakistan army and Inter Services Intelligence were not fully cooperating, and because they did not consider it was their war, therefore they created this situation, where the terrorists out of sheer revenge — this is called Pakhtunwali.  This is a tradition which has nothing to do with Islam.  It is the Afghans holding to this tradition long before they became Muslim, and they are still carrying it on.  When you take action against an Afghan, kill his daughter or his wife or his sister, he will take revenge no doubt what happens.  He does not behave like a Muslim, or any other entity.

So this was a thing which was created.  And of course Pakistan is now in a very difficult position.  We only have a military which can control the institutions.  And we have an ISI, but the Americans are almost every day attacking the ISI and attacking the military, saying this is not under the control of the political parties.

Alex Jones:  Sir —

Hamid Gul:  political powers.

Alex Jones:  Sir — General —

Hamid Gul:  But what is political power, when Parliament is sinecure?  It does not work, it has no authority at all.

Alex Jones:  General, going back to 9/11, Pakistani papers, BBC reported, New York Times reported, $100,000 was reportedly wired by Gen. Mahmood Ahmed, the head of Pakistani intelligence to the lead hijacker, who we know was a US government decoy, trained at US bases, that’s Newsweek, AP, Reuters.  General Mahmood Ahmed, do you believe he was really controlled by the CIA, did he wire $100,000 to Mohammed Atta?

Hamid Gul:  Not at all.  Mahmood is a friend of mine.  I met him very recently in Lahore, and he categorically denies this.  I think this is all disinformation, which has been adopted as a very sophisticated intelligence art.

Alex Jones:  So, just to be clear, we’re gonna let you go, we’re very thankful and respectful of your time, uh, you believe that the bombings and shootings and terror attacks that we’ve seen in the last few months in Pakistan are because the Predator drones and helicopters are killing weddings — you always notice it’s a wedding — that’s meant to stir up the people there, because it kills whole families, it’s a huge insult, and then of course they blow up NATO cars, of course they then attack the government.  Is that what you’re saying?

Hamid Gul:  It is retaliatory, and they will retaliate.  I can tell you that Afghanistan nation is a fact that over 5,000 years, nobody has won against them, and I think that Americans cannot win, unless American intention is to stir up a Third World War at this point I think there’s no point in staying in Afghanistan.  You should negotiate with the opposition.  This is a national resistance now.  It is no longer Taleban.  Specific, it is the Afghan nation.

I approve of their position.  They are resisting ferociously.

Alex Jones:  General, how long can the Mayor of Kabul stay in power, and isn’t this really just about the West controlling the opium?

Hamid Gul:  Well, he’s the puppet of Kabul, and he will not stay very long.  I can assure you that, eh, he’s already started showing signs of nervousness.  He wants to reach out to the Taleban, but Taleban won’t — eh, even throw a crumb at him.  I can assure you the Taleban, or, any other resistance fighters, they will have nothing to do with —

Alex Jones:  Well, Reuters is reporting, as you know, every major city is now encircled, and only a few cities are controlled by the US force. 

Hamid Gul:  I — I have no idea, but I think the Right is started coming out, like Robert Kagan’s article in the Washington Post on December 2nd, it, eh, echoes what is the [CFR] World At Risk Report.  Uh, it is similar.  They are focusing on Pakistan, because Pakistan’s nuclear capability is undigestible by State of Israel, and by India, therefore there is —

Alex Jones:  All right —

Hamid Gul:  every possibility that Pakistan becomes a target.

Alex Jones:  In closing — in closing, and this is it, and we appreciate all your time —  this hour’s over, two minutes, sir, I know you can’t predict the future, but do you see them staging a nuke attack?  Do you see them staging more terror attacks?  Do you see India sneak attacking?  Uh, do you  see a more radical government coming in after the staged events?  What do you see happening, bad case scenario?

Hamid Gul:  No, Indians are not so stupid.  I think they are seeing thru the game, and these far Leftist parties, that is the Left Front, they are called, the Communist party of India, are very strong.  India is slowly turning t’the world of its own problems.  The Shine India, Shining India, Feel-good India, this is all make believe.  I can tell you that this is a propaganda hype.  I can tell you that India is in a miserable state.  Their economy is dwindling.  And four hundred millions are living on less that one dollar a day.

And this is beginning to have an effect because last year alone 108,000 farmers in India committed suicide.  And this will not go on.  Out of 608 districts in India, 231 are already in turmoil, and mostly under the control of Maoists and the Bhakti-lite.

Alex Jones:  So they are collapsing?

Hamid Gul:  Yes.  So India itself has lots of problems of their own. 

Alex Jones:  You’re right.  The GMO cotton made ‘em commit suicide, cause it destroyed their lives.

Well, General, General Hamid Gul, thank you so much for joining us.  Any websites, any books, any materials you think people should read to learn more?

Hamid Gul:  Thank you.

Alex Jones:  Uh, any websites, any books, any materials you think people should read to learn more?

Hamid Gul:  Oh, I don’t have a website, unfortunately, but I think you have a website.  You can read all my talk.

Alex Jones:  Absolutely.  We’ll post the audio and a transcript at InfoWars.com.  Let me say bye to you, as this hour ends, as we go to break, sir.  Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be back with the second hour.  Again I want to thank Gen. Hamid Gul.  Uh, an amazing exclusive, folks, unedited live.

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