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Alex Jones Was Right About Economic Collapse

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Kurt Nimmo
January 9, 2009

In September of 2008, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and filmmaker Alex Jones told George Noory’s Coast to Coast radio audience that he had disclosed information in 2006 indicating the international banking elite would engineer a crash of the economy, a process now well underway.


Moles inside the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, Canada, revealed to Jones a secret plan contrived by the global elite to “artificially implode the subprime mortgages as a pretext to cause a larger economic collapse so they could basically pose as the saviors and then rewrite the financial international order” and establish a New World Order, as admitted by the Wall Street Journal (see David Gaffen, One Week Later, a New World Order).

Veteran Bilderberg reporter Jim Tucker reported on June 19, 2006, that “Bilderberg expects interest rates to rise and many Americans to lose their homes in the months ahead.”

Timothy Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, predicted rising interest rates and difficulties for families that have obtained adjustable rate mortgages, or “variable” interest rates. Many are likely to lose their homes as rising home mortgage rates add hundreds of dollars to their monthly payments, he said. While most listened solemnly and some expressed concern, one was heard to say, “stupid Americans deserve their fate.”

Geithner, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was selected by Obama to head up the Treasury Department. He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is currently the chairman of the Bank for International Settlements, and works with the globalist Group of Thirty.


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Geithner’s “prediction” is part of a larger agenda to impose financial gridlock on the global banking system, thus creating catastrophic events that will make recent events “peanuts” (as F. William Engdahl deemed it) by way of comparison.

In response to this engineered economic implosion, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British PM Gordon Brown, former PM Tony Blair, and others have called specifically for a New World Order and alternately a “new financial order.”

Bankster cartel éminence grise Baron David de Rothschild has said a New World Order will be imposed on the world. “Baron Rothschild shares most people’s view that there is a new world order. In his opinion, banks will deleverage and there will be a new form of global governance,” writes Rupert Wright.

On January 5, Rockefeller minion and Bilderberg regular Henry Kissinger told CNBC that “upheavals in many parts of the world simultaneously” will provide incoming president Barack Obama with a pretext to create a New World Order. “It’s a great opportunity,” Kissinger told CNBC’s Mark Haines from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. During an earlier interview with PBS’ Charlie Rose, Kissinger specifically mentioned the economy as a reason to discard national sovereignty and usher in global government.

“On the record we called it,” Jones told Coast to Coast. “But we didn’t just say there would be an economic collapse in 2008, early 2009, we said specifically that it would start in the next two and half, three years with the subprime mortgages.”

Nearly three years after Jones, Jim Tucker, and economist Peter Schiff warned about the fabricated crisis we are now witnessing, the corporate media has finally admitted the subprime fiasco has set the stage for a worldwide economic depression more severe than the previous one, also engineered by the global elite.

Of course, the corporate media, acting as the propaganda organ of the New World Order, dare not tell the commoners that the unfolding crisis was engineered by their bosses. If they did, the outraged masses might storm Washington and Wall Street.

This article was posted: Friday, January 9, 2009 at 11:41 am

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