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Algeria Internet Not Shut Down, According To Renesys Analysis

Craig Kanalley
The Huffington Post [1]
Feb 13, 2011

When the Egyptian government decided to flip the switch on its country’s Internet on Jan. 27, news of the unprecedented shut down spread rapidly [2].

Rumors that the same thing has happened today in Algeria are unfounded, even though the country has been on the radar [3] for a possible “domino effect” of events in Tunisia and Egypt.

Internet intelligence authority Renesys, whichconfirmed [2] the Egypt outage weeks ago, says in a new blog post [4] that it has no evidence that Algeria’s Internet has been shut down.

Renesys writes [4]:

Algeria typically has about 135 routed network prefixes in the global routing table, and our data show that they are all still routed and relatively stable. Traceroutes inbound confirm that sites hosted in these prefixes are still alive, and spot checks of websites hosted in Algeria show that most are up and functioning normally.

Full article here [1]

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