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ALL-TIME LOW: Obama’s Job Approval Average Plummets

Glynnis MacNicol
Business Insider [1]
October 22, 2011

More bad poll news for President Obama.

According to Gallup [2], Obama’s approval average hit an all-time low in the last quarter (his 11th) falling as low as 38%.

Gallup reports that from July 20-Oct. 19, 2011, Obama’s approval rating “ranged narrowly between 38% and 43% [3] for all but a few days of the quarter.”

His 41% average is a full six points down from his 10th quarter.

This is not just a low for Obama it’s also an historical low.  Gallup notes that the only president since Dwight Eisenhower to have a lower 11th quarter was Jimmy Carter who hit 31%.