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Alleged ‘black box’ tape from Kaczynski plane minutes before crash

Russia Today [1]
April 13, 2010

Editor: The audio from this tape was active as of this morning, but it seems that either Russia Today or You Tube has since pulled the clip.

The alleged exchange between the pilot of the Polish president’s plane and ground control has been leaked onto the Internet. According to the tapes the crew communicated in limited Russian. It is not yet clear why the communications were not in English. Meanwhile the senior air traffic controller at the “Severniy” air base, said the Polish crew had failed to supply altitude information to ground control. Pavel Plyusnin, who was in charge of the Kaczynski’s plane landing, told LifeNews website that the crew didn’t provide altitude data because they spoke Russian badly. He said – They did speak Russian but giving figures was quite hard for them. Plyusnin also claims that he had urged the pilots to go to another airport because of bad weather conditions, but they refused.