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America nears ‘tipping point’ where babies born to minority parents outnumber whites for first time

David Gardner
UK Daily Mail [1]
March 11, 2010

America is reaching a ‘tipping point’ when the babies born to minority parents outnumber whites for the first time.

More white women than ever before are postponing having children until they are older, while minority mothers are still having babies at younger ages, according to a US study published yesterday.

Experts claim the immigration boom has accelerated the historic trend that is likely to leave whites in the minority in America by the middle of the century.

Minorities made up 48 per cent of US children born in 2008, according to the latest census estimates, compared to 37 per cent in 19990.

But the new study suggests the number of minority babies born this year is almost certainly going to number more than half of all new births.

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