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America Will Attack Iran Because U.S. Leaders Want To Increase The Threat of Global Terrorism

Saman Mohammadi
May 20, 2012

America has surrounded Iran for a reason, and it isn’t to sit down and have a picnic. Washington is preparing for a war against Iran. History shows that the preparation for war leads to war. So there will be war between USrael and Iran. And Obama will play his role as the salesman of the war.

Numerous security and terrorism experts have said that one of the consequences of attacking Iran is that it will increase the rate of terrorist attacks against the United States. With that said, why does America insist on attacking Iran and defending Israel at any cost? Do American leaders want the terrorism threat to grow and spread, contrary to what they say in public?

The short answer is yes.

Terrorism keeps security goons, fearmongering politicians, war contractors, national security bureaucrats, and financial institutions in business. American politicians, military leaders, and national security officials justify their powers, salaries, and privileges by claiming their highest priority is the security of the American people, but this is plainly false. They’re doing everything they can to create an unstable world in which the threat of terrorism to America and global security is greater than it is now.

The U.S. National Security Dictatorship sees it as a good thing that the terrorism threat will evolve and get larger after a U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran. They want to keep creating enemies, killing people, and making terrorists out of disenfranchised and resentful youth. The profiteers of the war system want to preserve the war system and fight the illegal war on terror until their population, military, political, and economic objectives have been achieved.

In the last eleven years, American and Western leaders have constructed a global “counter-terrorism” state to handle what they know for certain is coming: global economic collapse, world war, and a dramatic rise in global terrorism. A U.S.-Israeli attack on Iran would trigger all three.

Thus far, the “terrorist” threat has been a dud. Since the false flag 9/11 events by the CIA and Mossad, there have been zero terrorist attacks inside the United States. This is in-your-face proof that the terrorism threat is not real.

Liberals and libertarians make a big mistake by defending the official U.S. government line that 9/11 was a product of Islamic blowback against U.S. terror. They unknowingly support the fraudulent ideological foundations of the war system and the war on terror by blindly believing in this gigantic falsehood.

The reality is that Muslims don’t want to destroy America, or seek revenge against America because of American and Israeli crimes against Middle Eastern nations. The most extremist and violent Muslims in the Arab world are the double agents of America, Israel, England, and Saudi Arabia. Examples: Al-Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Saudi-funded terrorists.

Western trained, funded, and armed Islamic terrorists have been used by NATO to destabilize Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the whole Middle East.

Conservatives who worry about the threat of Islam to Western civilization should wake up and expose the real enemies of America and Western civilization: London-Wall Street banksters, Globalist corporations, Israel, CIA, FBI, TSA, NSA, Pentagon, NATO, United Nations, Republicans and Democrats, occult secret societies, the mainstream media, the American president, and the U.S. Congress.

These tyrannical government and financial entities are responsible for 99.9% of the terrorism on this planet. They started World War III on 9/11, and they plan on pouring gasoline on the fire by attacking Iran and turning the whole world into a war zone.