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Americans Believe Obama Will Turn the Economy Around

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Kurt Nimmo
Wednesday, Nov 12, 2008

Question: how can the banker’s president turn the economy around?

Answer: he can’t and he is under specific orders not to turn it around.

But don’t tell the American people.

Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup combined gave the Barack Obama campaign over three million dollars, according to OpenSecrets.org. UBS and the private-equity firms Blackstone Group and the Carlyle Group sweetened the pot with hundreds of thousands more (see Obama Top Fundraiser on Wall Street).

Do you think they gave all this money because they are liberals with a soft spot and want an African-American as president? Hardly. For the bankers and the financial elite, it would not matter if Barack Obama had green skin with yellow polka dots and he babbled about aliens making midnight visitations in levitating tea cups.

Goldman Sachs and company gave all that money — and they gave a likewise amount to McCain — to make sure their man made it to the Oval Office. Now that he is there they can commence with the plan.

Here’s the plan… destroy the American economy by way of an engineered economic depression, reduce the population to groveling serfdom, and buy up all the goodies for pennies on the dollar. As Congressman Charles A. Lindberg Sr. predicted after the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, henceforth depressions will be scientifically created. “Using a central bank to create alternate periods of inflation and deflation, and thus whipsawing the public for vast profits, had been worked out by the international bankers to an exact science,” writes Gary Allen.

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To think that the scientifically engineered Crash of 1929 was an accident or the result of stupidity defies all logic. The international bankers who promoted the inflationary policies and pushed the propaganda which pumped up the stock market represented too many generations of accumulated expertise to have blundered into “the great depression.”

“World events do not occur by accident: They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce; and most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse strings,” said insider Denis Healey.

As the Great Depression version 1.0 was intentionally created, so will be version 2.0, the greater depression. Not only do the international bankers and their minions in the government want to create a situation where the bankers can easily consolidate all wealth, they also want to impose a high-tech control system on the masses.

As Aldous Huxley once noted, the masses must learn to accept their slavery as liberation. It’s a process well underway thanks to the corporate media.

According to our leaders, the only way out of this “crisis” is to create a new global financial architecture while never mentioning the fact that whole mess was contrived by fractional reserve banking, intentionally pumping up various debt bubbles, and allowing the Federal Reserve to inflate the money supply.

You’d think people would smell something rotten when the supposed maestro of the “bailout” is a former Goldman Sachs crony. You’d think they’d scream bloody murder when the “bailout” — upward estimated in the trillions, not billions — gets diverted into the pockets of the bankers and there is nothing left over to break up the financial glacier. During the Great Depression version 1.0, the bankers held off on credit and loans too.

As evidence that Huxley’s observation is working like a charm, consider a recent AP poll. “An Associated Press-GfK poll shows that when it comes to the economy, most people are voicing the hope Barack Obama made a touchstone of his presidential campaign. Seven in 10 people in the survey are voicing confidence that the president-elect will be able to turn the stalling economy around when he takes office in January. Nearly all Democrats and even four in 10 Republicans say so. Almost as many people also think Obama will be able to push his overall agenda through as well.”

Obama will indeed “push his overall agenda through.” But it is not his agenda. It’s the bankers agenda and it has nothing to do with turning the economy around. It has to do with turning the United States into a third world cesspool.

This article was posted: Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 4:56 am

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