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Ammo shortage continues across U.S.

Steve Knight
Tylerpaper [1]
May 20, 2013

There have been ammunition shortages before in the United States, but nothing like what gun owners have seen the last six months.

Target shooters, those using .22 long rifles, .223 and .308 calibers were already feeling the pinch, but starting in December even waterfowlers were having trouble finding steel shot.

Then all ammunition began to fly off shelves, and replacements were slow in coming — if at all.

Now it is May and dove season is only four months out. Deer season for some in Texas is five months away, and hunters are starting to get a little nervous. The store shelves are filling up, but there is still a lot of ammo on backorder. Most stores are still limiting purchases and there hasn’t been anything that says manufacturers are about to catch up with demand. Gun owners of all types are buying and selling ammo among each other like it was a rare commodity.

This isn’t the first time in recent years there has been a run on ammunition. The last time came because lead for bullets was diverted to war use.

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