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I'll tell you what looks suspicious to me. I'm suspicious that we've living in a mind-control dictatorship because we have large electronic signs over the road that say, "Report Suspicious Activity." 

I'm also suspicious that tens of millions of Americans are going to lose their houses to foreigners within the next few years. Yes, I said tens of millions. I've come across another reference to this problem. The following quote is from an article written by Walter Burien. 

"As I brought forward in a recent post I put out, the US Political move at this point is to create a garage sale special on all US goods, products, and services, while at the same time transferring the wealth of this country internationally through the devaluation of the dollar. Look for international orders of US goods to jump significantly each month over the next 5 month. Look for a trade surplus over a trade deficit. Look for property and land sales to go up from the interests to buy of foreigners. The foreign buyers can now buy the good old US of A at a 50% discount over last year. EXAMPLE: Your $100,000 home last year if sold for $100,000 this year to a foreigner after currency exchange rates, he gets it for $50,000 in his currency's buying power compared to the dollar last year. This applies also to US Cars, equipment, land, stocks, etc. So yes, the US Stock market will jump. It just became a half price bargain buy to the international crowd."

Here's a fine site I came across recently. It's called Rescue American Jobs. It does a thorough job of documenting our free fall into a snow-covered Brazil. For instance:

"More than 4 million guest worker visas have been issued since the recession began in 2000." 

and ...

"The total number of US technical jobs is around 8.5 million and we have imported around 3-4 million temporary foreign technical workers. In the year 2001, 9 out of every 10 new job openings for computer/IT were taken by H-1Bs, and despite record unemployment the INS issued 312,000 visas in 2002. L-1 workers are considered employees of a foreign company and paid by the foreign company. This means that they do not have to pay U.S. taxes."

Let's cut to the bottom line. The Permanent Global Super Depression is here right now. There will be no recovery. This Permanent Global Super Depression is permanent because it is meant to be permanent, just like the phony baloney world-wide campaign of slaughter and looting that Beloved Emperor and his fellow pirates call the "War on Terrorism." This Permanent Global Super Depression is also just as phony as the phony baloney permanent police state to protect us from terrorists that our government hires to attack us.

I say again - America will not be spared. Tens of millions will lose their jobs, then their houses, then they will starve or die in a civil war. There is nothing in our future except soup lines, mushroom clouds and razor wire FEMA camps. We'll have the economy of Argentina, the blood baths of the Balkans, and the liberties of plantation slaves. 

It is impossible to shame the average American zombie. If Beloved Emperor and his neo-con pals set up guillotines on the White House Lawn and started decapitating hundreds of "enemy combatants" every day and broadcasting the whole circus on CNN, absolutely nothing would happen. Well, maybe the ACLU would sue somebody and then fly off to a five-star hotel in Tel Aviv for a convention. But the typical Americow won't so much as go "MOOOO!" until he's evicted from his house and is starving under a privatized toll bridge owned by some aristocrat in Europe. What then?

I'll tell you what we'll have then, we'll have the Knights of the Golden Circle, resurrected and doing their part in a phony baloney Yugoslav-style Second Civil War right here in the continental USA. The secret society known as the Knights of the Golden Circle was founded in 1852 in Cincinnati by a Dr. George Bickley, a Virginian who had moved to Ohio. These so-called "knights" billed themselves as pro-slavery and pro-secession and pro-Southern. More to the point, they were agents of the British Empire and their you-know-who banker pals.

"... the Knights of the Golden Circle have intimate ties to Old World Knights and Scottish Rite Free Masonry, are linked to the highest circles of American Free Masons (through figures as diverse as John Calhoun, Jefferson Davis, General and Mississippi Governor J. A. Quitman, explorer and highest ranking Mason General Albert Pike, Jesse James, Massachusetts politician Caleb Cushing), are interlocked with Cherokee and Choctaw tribal leaders and territories but also with French Rosicrucians, and operated (and may still operate) secretly in a gamut of places such as Charleston, Natchez, Nashville, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. "

Bickley and his fellow so-called "knights" were traitors to the Republic because they were actively conspiring with foreign agents to stir up armed rebellion with the aim of breaking off the Southern states and making them a puppet plantation colony of Britain once again. Bickley and all the other so-called Knights of the Golden Circle were traitors in cahoots with foreign agents. They should have been dragged to the nearest tree and strung up for treason, every last one of them.

And here's something I never knew before - The Knights of the Golden Circle didn't disband after the Civil War, they continued as guerrilla fighters serving the ongoing British attempts to destabilize the Union. They robbed money to finance a second Confederate rebellion. That was the specialty of the James Gang, which was really a lodge of the Knights of the Golden Circle. 

"According to the book Jesse James Was One of His Names (written by Del Schrader, with Jesse James III), the American Civil War did not really end in 1865, but continued to be fought "underground" for 19 more years. Its highly sophisticated spy network, operated by the Knights of the Golden Circle, continued for even longer and was involved in many subversive activities. One of these was train robbery, a specialty of the James Gang, the purpose being to enrich the coffers of the Confederate underground. As a Confederate agent, James was also involved in smuggling guns and ammunition to the Plains Indians, as well as providing training in guerilla tactics, for use against their common enemy, General George Armstrong Custer and the Union Army."

Some say the Knights of the Golden Circle didn't disband until 1916. Fancy that, a Brit-run guerrilla outfit marauding around America from 1852 to 1916 and we Americows weren't told about it in our history books. 

These days, we've got organizations just like the Knights of the Golden Circle, and they are still working for the Brits and their you-know-who banker pals, and their aim is still civil war in America and its dismemberment into a series of feeble banana republics under the boots of the Brits and Zionists.

These Brit/Zionist stooges and traitor organizations are usually pretty easy to spot. They often present themselves as patriots, with American flags and Bald Eagles posted all over their web sites. Sometimes they even disguise themselves as secessionists. Whatever the facade they use to lure the suckers into their tent, they always go along with the Osama hoax. After 911, the establishment-run mock opposition groups smoked themselves out. They showed their true colors by endorsing what their leaders knew full well was slop for the tube zombies. To Hell with all of these British and Zionist stooges on parade. To Hell with Americow Patrol. To Hell with the Council of Confused Peasants, and to Hell with Amerizombie Renaissance and The Amerizombie Cause. 

Note: I regret that I have not been able to respond to any e-mails in the past week due to computer problems - - I should be back online in about a week.
Report Suspicious Activity

Tom Chittum January 23 2004

I was driving down the Glorious Imperial Beltway a few days ago when I saw a large electronic sign above the road. It said: