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Joey Dauben is a reporter for The Ellis County Press, an independent weekly newspaper based 20 miles south of Dallas, Texas. His website is Contact him at [email protected].

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Filling of Draft Boards Can Only Mean One Thing

Joey Dauben January 15 2004

Recent Pentagon plans to re-fill local draft boards can only mean one thing: the United States government, perhaps after the '04 election (regardless of who wins), will see the ongoing crisis within our military ranks and propose a draft.

As reported by the British Guardian newspaper recently, the Pentagon - while maintaining its plans are only "routine" - has sought persons to re-fill the draft boards that were common in the 1970s, when young men were forced to fight in Vietnam.

I'm no history expert, but the latest news about draft boards being mentioned in the media has me worried. I'll turn 23 next month, and my, what a perfect age for military service.

For someone with strong anti-corrupt government views [Link:], I would be the pick of the litter.

There are movements currently under way to defeat these draft plans before they even get off the ground; one such example is that of Aaron Russo's Libertarian Party presidential campaign. At, activists can sign a petition declaring opposition to a proposed military draft.

And let's be honest - the mere fact the Pentagon - facing severe military constraints because of our myriad overseas ventures - has even proposed this refilling of draft boards is something all Americans - regardless of party affiliation, race, religion, etc. - should be concerned about.

Despite the many assertions from Secretary of War Donald Rumsfeld that a draft is not needed, these proposals should be hit from every angle; the information about these refillings should be at the forefront of every conservative, liberal, or libertarian publication or network.

President George W. Bush talks up the values of freedom, liberty and has on occasion cited Thomas Jefferson in his speeches (regardless of whether or not he means them - which he's shown he doesn't).

But any talk at all of a military draft - or the filling of draft boards, however "routine" - goes counter to the president's touted messages and the principles this great country was founded upon.