How he wished that he didn't have this chip in his arm, then he could've just slipped away weeks ago. It's now or never, he whispered to himself. His left hand was cleching the document in his pocket as he turned the doorknob.

Swoosh. A dart flew by his right temple. It was too late. Click. Click. Click. There they were, his worse nightmare come true; a fleet of ten six-legged Lynxmotion Hexapod II walking robots were approaching from the end of the hallway. They were increasing speed, but from hearing so many rumors, the Haxapods were not what he feared. They were but mere slaves, doing reconnaissance as part of a distributed sensor network, relaying the triangulated information back to their master,

ROBART he knew, was rather slow with his dual treads powered by 12-volt electric wheelchair motors. Escape was a matter of evading the Hexapods before he was remotely located by GPS from the signals that his subdermal microchip - Digital Angel was emitting. But where would he go? This sector's grid monitor prevented any free-roaming, unless a travel plan was first logged from a public Digital Angel uplink terminal. Click. Click. Click.

He made a dash to the right, hoping to get a small head start and immediately felt the first of six steel tipped darts enter his neck. Consciousness began to fade away. His left hand was still tightly gripping the illegal document. ROBART's remote camera zooms in on the torn Xeroxed paper as the puppetmasters 3,000 miles away can just barely read a portion of the title:
The Constitution of the United Sta......
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A Short Peek into the Future - Part 1

By Wade Inganamort

Click. Click. Click. The familiar sound violently awoke Sam, sending shockwaves down his spine. Click. Click. Click. His first voluntary reaction was to think - Is it me? Do they know? Wondering how far away they were, he threw back the standard issue gray bedding and planted his feet firmly on the cold cement floor. His mind was racing in one consistent direction: escape.

Grabbing his overcoat, he stumbled to the door, while checking the pockets to ensure that he still had the document. I must get rid of it, he thought. Why did I have to be so damn curious? Click. Click. Click. The sound was getting closer.