TOMBSTONE AZ - "The town too tough for government propaganda"

By Tom Johannsen

A number of AZ Citizens (your fellow citizens?) are planning to arm themselves and patrol the Arizona - US border with Mexico.

Why?  Apparently to do what Arizona and the US Governments refuses to do. Protect American soil from criminals stealing into the United States illegally, often committing violent crimes on their journey to find "simple honest work". Get Real, if you sneak across the United States border, whatever your intent and in any direction, you are a criminal; PERIOD.

What about the "War on Terror"? Perhaps Osama Bin Laden is now living in Casa Grande AZ, having been aided during his long desert trek by carefully placed "humanitarian" water stations.

Who would know?  The FBI?

If you live in the United States, you should really read this:

The questions here are simple:

If America is in so much DANGER: Why is Arizona's southern border WIDE OPEN?

How can armed Americans, relying upon their inalienable right to liberty, protecting their own property when " the government of the people" refuses; be anything other than American Patriots?

Is it the sun down there in Tombstone? Provoking rational men risk the ramifications of so-called violent "vigilante" and "right wing racist militia" branding and possible arrest?

Don't they have anything else to do?  
Or is it because they live on the front lines of the premier South American invasion route?

A Tombstone weekly newspaper publisher recently called for the formation of a citizen militia to combat illegal immigration.

Results so far:
I'm in favor 93%
I'm against it 6%
Total votes: 10366

10366 votes, far exceeds the actual population of Tombstone Arizona. Hmmm.  

Is it now against the law to execute a "citizens arrest" in Arizona?  If so, please produce that statue.  You see, I couldn't find it in current Arizona Revised Codes and Statues.

Doesn't GW Bush want all Americans to "be Vigilant" protecting America? What other eclectic activities is GW Bush involved in? Here's one that comes to mind from the Washington Post:

Could the Washington Post story be the much larger, yet somehow more transparent issue that is trampling all over the innocent American citizens of Tombstone? Did the Tombstone citizens in their just and entirely legal constitutional quest to protect their own right to liberty, inadvertently create an annoying distraction for GW Bush's larger economic agenda? An agenda I might add that appears far more ominous then one hundred fifty well trained responsible Tombstone citizens trying to protect their own American property.

Is this what has drawn the propaganda, shape shifting big guns, AZ Senators McCain and Kyle into the mix with the new guy? 

The Arizona Republic: the grand "old power" Newspaper in Phoenix AZ, has this to say about the tombstone issue in articles by Hernan Rozemberg. Wednesday. December 18, 2002.

My read is something's "not quite right" with the Southern Poverty Law Center. What of the "Border Action Network" why are they in Arizona? What is their real agenda?

My favorite part of the AZ Republic article is where as a reader, I easily discern a rather heavy handed inference that the Tombstone citizens and anyone aligned with them; are somehow funded by an evil network of "right wing hate terrorists". Whom conveniently no one can identify. Should we worry? Are the Tombstone Citizens "right wing hate-militia terrorists"?

Of course, AZ Governor Janet weighs in with little more than the standard political solution. "Investigate it"  It's easy for Janet, she isn't in Tombstone often.

AZ Democrat Congressman-elect Raul Grijalva says his first "official" act will be to ask the FBI to investigate alleged links between civilian militias in southern Arizona and white supremacist groups. Now here's a GREAT IDEA! Let's demonize those Tombstone citizens, let's "teach them a lesson" for believing they have inalienable constitutional rights to own property and protect it. See the amazing "new guy" from Arizona throw down the "Race card". What's his real agenda? You can read all the nauseating details regarding this esteemed new federal employee and his better known cronies here:

Or go to

Side note: The  "Race" issue remains a favorite Federal "Modus Operandi". Doubt it do you? Ask Trent Lott.  Meanwhile, "Live! heavily censored and direct from Washington D.C."!

The Greatest Show on Earth continues.  

One thing is certain, the innocent American Tombstone citizens are deeper in circumstance than they may have first imagined.

In this light, the curiosity of why 10366 people voting on Tombstone's web poll far exceeded Tombstone AZ's population becomes quite simply, ELEMENTARY. Something else is in play. Something else is wreaking havoc on the innocent American Tombstone citizens forced  to arm and protect themselves; when government refuses. Whatever could it be?

Let's review, we have:

Gov-elect Janet Napalitono, herself an unknown quality as governor to the fair people of Arizona, looking very much like a Janet Reno clone, calling for "investigations".

Out of state political activists, on both sides, some proud of their "left wing" heritage. Others wary of being victimized by the "right wing militia hate group" patches perniciously sewn on their sleeves even as I write by the larger local media. Suddenly, they are all are wrestling for public opinion in the middle of the Sonoran desert. Whatever for?

Innocent Tombstone AZ citizens, their property overrun by illegal immigrants, who damage, steal, rape and increasingly murder. Now forced by their own governments refusal to help them. Take action on their own and are immediately painted with "hate" labels by the larger media. Not to mention their own so called "Gov.-representatives". Fueled by the accusations of dubious parties who themselves admit, do not reside in Tombstone AZ and have to date: completely failed to identify their actual agenda(s).

Once again, the Tombstonite's truly find themselves in the middle of an issue with teeth larger than then may have bargained for. Why?

In what is paraded in the press as a completely unrelated event, GW Bush's "merging" the US Social Security system with Mexico is nothing short of bizarre. Is Bush planning on exporting a social security system that is already bankrupt to Mexico?  This doesn't seem very neighborly. Will this further confuse the already maddening list of questions American Citizens have about where their own SS money has gone? In the end, will Bush and the Southern Poverty "Law" center find some politically correct manner to blame Mexico for the final demise of  US  Social "security"?

But I digress: We all know the real question here: Is there the slightest chance that US political relations with Mexico are far more important to GW Bush than a few Tombstone Ranchers, regardless of the ranchers inalienable Constitutional rights?  Is Daddy Bush's fictional "New World Order" trampling the rights of innocent Tombstone citizens? Sacrificing their God given inalienable American rights on the altar of global agendas? How could that be?


And what of Arizona's federally obliged minions, McCain, Kyle and now this new guy?

What kind of "Representation" are they planning to provide the fair citizens of Arizona on this issue?  It appears their answer is little different than that of Governor-elect Janet Napolitono, herself fresh off the federal payroll. Janet echoing the odd timbre of Janet Reno says, "let's investigate" and do what Janet?  See if those Tombstone Americans are "right wing militia hate terrorists"? Then what? Do we burn them and their innocent children a la Waco? GET REAL!

What about the illegal immigrants pouring across the US borders? What happened to the real issue here?  Where the hell did it go?  Did I miss something? Did you? Did your loving government? Not likely.     

My Fellow Americans, it is truly wonderful to be alive! Here and now, right before your very eyes in the year of our lord 2002! Your government, working with only the slightest amount of smoke and wielding only a few well paid political mirrors: Once again proves: Truth IS... stranger than fiction.   

It is my sincere hope this writing will provoke many questions while providing a few poignant answers. I believe this to be the paramount desire of and only true purpose of any honest writer. Anything else would be well...propaganda.

In the end, I find myself left with one comment and one statement of fact:

Comment: I agree with AZ Democrat Congressman-elect Raul Grijalva when he says "If you shine the light on the cockroaches, they don't like it,". I say! FIRE UP the floodlights Arizona Americans, DO IT NOW! Let's all see who runs first!  My dollar is on the new guy and his well known cronies.  

Statement of  fact: The United States of America's Arizona-Mexico border remains wide open for one reason only: The Chief Executive Officer of the United States: The "Honorable" GW Bush has ordered those borders to remain open. On this sadly, there can be no other realistic debate.   

Remember, as you toil away paying taxes, surrendering your liberty for security. Presently living in a country where you have allowed Federal and State government, at whim: to lock you and your family down in an unprecedented historical heartbeat. Blindly trusting a president who is clearly dismantling American liberty and sovereignty on all fronts; at nothing less than astounding pace. STOP and THINK.

Perhaps it may now prove prudent, to take the time to ask yourself some of these questions, educate yourself on these issues, consider the overwhelming evidence in public record.

Where exactly are we going as Americans? You know, a simple reality check so to speak. If for nothing else, do it for  the "safety of your children".

Isn't that why GW Bush tells you he is doing it?

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