GW Bush is without the slightest doubt bullish on war.

Clearly Bush has found the formula to extend his presidency well beyond that which his father GHW Bush the 41st US President could ever achieve. When the Gulf war was over, Americans read Daddy Bush's lips. The elder Bush was quickly relegated back to the covert CIA operations he is quietly "renowned" for.

Notice any other familar names?

In contrast, GW, by keeping America at constant war, assures his own political survival as well as the business interests of his real constituents.

2002 - As we end the second year of GW Bush's administration we can now see the following:

Afghanistan's poppy fields are now back to peak production. Taliban gone, Heroin flows:

Afghanistan itself well on it's way back to tribal violence. Pipeline installation pending, oil & gas rights secured.

Business completed, GW Bush has now shifted attention from the evil "Al Qaeda" network to his father's old nemesis Saddam Hussein. Bush is feverishly gearing up to attack Iraq, at seemingly any cost to the American public, wielding only the tired rhetoric of "weapons of mass destruction". The same "weapons of mass destruction" which were clearly supplied by the first Bush administration to Saddam Hussein via minion Donald Rumsfeld.,,3-528574,00.html

Bush, presently devoid of the slightest amount of tangible evidence of Iraqi WMD's and in spite of the fact that Iraq is in no way an immediate threat to the United States, continues his inane "Iraqi War Dance". In doing so, he capriciously toys with the lives of not only all Americans but those of the entire world.

GW Bush's answer to North Korea's recent return to Nuclear weapons production is a clear and ever present indicator of his true prowess as an international diplomat. Bush's declaration that North Korea is part of an "Axis of Evil" not only reveals his political simplicity but his arrogant willingness to "lead" the United States into a conflict based upon worn and tired WW2 cliches.

Consider this, North Korea, known to hold nuclear weaponry, possibly able to hit the west coast of the US, perhaps in as little as six months, maintaining a direct military front with the United States north of the demilitarized zone, where just 15 miles away, the US has 37 thousand troops presently stationed. North Korea openly displays belligerent and hostile behavior towards the US. Why? Because the North Koreans are "evil" or even suicidal? Ever wonder how these stupid leaders maintain control of their people? Pehaps you should.

It is easy to see why the N Koreans feel threatened by Bush's words and actions. Perhaps feeling they have nothing to lose, North Koreans have decided to strike the proverbial "first blow" - encouraged by Bush's own rhetoric. Bush's response is that Korea is the "little mouse that roared" only looking for "financial aid". Absurd. The South Koreans are also beginning to voice significant anti US feelings and vow to continue the seek the sunshine policy with North Korea that GW Bush seems obsessed with destroying. html

It is abundantly clear that North Korea is a far greater threat to larger populations than Saddam's Iraq could ever pose in the next decade. This is a troubling paradox to many astute observers. How is it the Bush Administration finds more threat from Iraq than North Korea? Bush has failed to explain it to the American People with any semblance of rational detail.

If you ever have trouble digesting the information provided by US media then you should know you are not alone. There are millions of Americans feeling the same way.

Will the US find itself in a two front war? If so, who will defend American's at home? God forbid.

What is GW Bush's obsession with Iraq?

And what the hell is this?

Saddam and "others" are now the cause of the ENRON, WORLDCOM, TYCCO and their crafty criminal predecessor Harken?

ENRON, WORDLCOM, ARTHUR ANDERSON, all forgotten in a sea of terrorist threats, an overwhelming roar of propaganda that continues to mask the true nature of the current state of the US economy. Now it looks like it may be Saddams fault according to Bush. How foolish do these folks think the American public is? Look at their actions, listen to their decide.

PBS business news reported, "For the first time in 61 years America's Wall Street ended the year down for a third consecutive year" (-17% in 2002 alone) Somehow I think Saddam and Al Qaeda had nothing to do with this. This is the result of some long term problem. A problem that has yet to surface any longer than an inadvertent mis-edit by the US media.

Bush's arcane attempt to link the failure of the US economy to "terrorists" is nothing less than complete bunk! Is Bush getting desperate? Will that cause him to consolidate his power base? Seeking to ensure his source of power?

Just where is Bush's Iraqi obsession really leading the US?  

Most likely right here:

Happy New Year!

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Bush's Capricious Foreign War Policy: "The Road to Perdition"?

By Tom Johannsen

2001 - The ninth month of Bush's presidency transformed his sinking popularity rating from 49% approval to an unprecedented 91%. A miraculous overnight statistical spike solely attributed to the WTC attack on 9/11 by most thinking Americans.

This sole defining event transformed a previously mediocre, often babbling president into the "Permian World Warrior" for all geographical zones and by his own admission; for all our foreseeable futures.