The AP article goes on the say: "Regardless of the motivation, the NIPC reiterates such activity is illegal and punishable as a felony," the agency warns on its Web site. "The U.S. government does not condone so-called 'patriot hacking' on its behalf.

Makes sense doesn't it? The Article goes on to say:

"Further, even 'patriotic hackers' can be fooled into launching attacks against their own interests by exploiting malicious code that purports to attack the other side when in fact it is designed to attack the interests of the side sending it," the agency said. "In this and other ways, 'patriotic hackers' risk becoming tools of their enemy." Fairly insightful for a government that has never conducted a large scale cyber attack.

It goes on to say: "The agency specifically cited patriot hackers who target Iraq or its sympathizers, hackers opposed to war who target U.S. systems, and those who would use the crisis as a guise to further personal goals".

The preceding paragraph hints an air of hypocrisy. What patriotic American would ever use this crisis to further their personal gains?

The paragraph in question also offers ample opportunity for grammatical confusion. To further clarify the paragraph; I decided to seek the guidance of a dictionary. Not because I did not know the definition of these two words. I just found the oxy-moronic use of the words "Hacker" and "Patriot" by government and media intriguing. Just for fun; I looked them up.

Cambridge defines Hacker as: A person who hacks into other people's computer systems.

Today: hacker is generally an evil word. The word came out of the gate as evil in the eyes of the general public. Callously discarding its early use during the birth of personal computers to lovingly describe the capitalistic antics of Jobs, Wozniak and Gates. Today hackers are generally viewed as criminals. Fair enough I suppose. It is a new word historically speaking.

Cambridge Defines: Patriot: "A person who loves their country and, if necessary, will fight for it".

To apply Patriot to America: An American Patriot would likely be someone who knows, loves and defends the constitution of the United States. After all: the Constitution is the document that assures each and every one of our personal liberties. This was accepted public school doctrine in my day. Still seems reasonable to me. How about you?

Just like the word hacker; Patriot has its own heroes, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. So far the word "Patriot" still seems to apply to our founding fathers and many other Americans over the course of history. All is well.

Until you consider this: Do these two words have opposing meanings? If so, does combining them invoke a contradiction of thought? I find this interesting primarily because they are the words of our government dutifully delivered to us by corporate media.

Our government and media are mixing words. Invoking a new perspective. A perspective that hackers and patriots may be hanging out with each other. Even plotting to stop the war or inadvertently aiding Iraq or whatever.

In my intellectual desperation; I surmised, words and phrases change occasionally. No worry.

Hacker is a relatively new word changing with the times to suit the needs of the many with little impact on personal liberty unless of course: you're a hacker. Not exactly front page news.

In contrast: altering the definition of the word Patriot. A word that has been traced to the 1600's must be a somewhat odd occurrence in the world of wordsmiths. At least unusual in historical terms. Imagine our forefathers abandoning the word patriot in favor of some newer less developed definition. One that had more room for change in meaning. One that is flexible to the needs of the many while disregarding impact on personal liberty. God Forbid!

In the absence of mainstream news and government records that paints a broader view of the word Patriot and it’s apparent incremental reclassification of definition . I would have completely discarded my "deviant" train of thought and returned to daily routine.

But alas then came this:

What is a super patriot? Someone who really knows the constitution? How will they use this dangerous information? Will these super patriots unleash a vast knowledge of constitutional law upon ill prepared police officers and unsuspecting judges? Christians and everyday people who quote the constitution may be terrorists too? I worry; shall I take down that portrait of Ben Franklin in my den and hide my grandmothers crucifix?

Patriot Act 1 and now Patriot act 2: Both pieces of legislation wrapped in the word Patriot while destroying every protection against government tyranny provided by the Constitution of the United States of America. Another coincidental oxymoron?

It appears the word "Patriot" once clearly defined for nearly 400 years is now in transition. Let's all hope it doesn't follow the path of its new associate "Hacker".

Regardless of your politics: the Constitution of the United States of America is the foundation upon which all liberty and life rests. Changing the definition that describe those who created our beloved Constitution or died defending it by statutory legislation or media perception is simply not wise. In fact it is simply: Unconstitutional

Real Patriots defend the Constitution not a political party. I am uncertain who first spoke these words but they remain indisputably true.

Duct tape and Government cheese for everyone!!!

Keep the faith.

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Washington's Word Association Games: A "Patriot" Game for the New Century

By Tom Johannsen

CNN: Thursday, February 13, 2003: WASHINGTON (AP) -- Real patriots don't hack. Uncle Sam says only he can do that. Read it for yourself.

It seems that Uncle Sam will not tolerate anyone who under the guise of patriotism decides to disable or harm Iraq's infrastructure. Seems a reasonable request. God knows there must be millions of qualified "patriot hackers" just waiting to take a shot at Saddam in their spare time.