intentions. Nevertheless, this is no reason to hand Big Brother the keys to unlock our e-mail diaries, open our ATM records or translate our international communications."

Mr. Ashcroft; who in 1997 vehemently opposed the unconstitutional intrusion into rights of all Americans suddenly had a change of heart. Today Attorney General Ashcroft has no problem meeting and exceeding the tyranny he is on the record blasting Clinton for in 1997. Oh! The irony of it all.

Of course 9/11 changed things so the General had good reason. Right?

We all know that Clinton and General Ashcroft are nothing alike: While Clinton is presumably still "educating" interns General Ashcroft was dressing the naked cement ladies of Washington DC. More irony? You decide. I can't stop laughing.

Clinton is already making his next move:

Let's examine instead the less visible activities of General Ashcroft. For in Law the least visible detail is often the most dangerous to "We the People". These are the finer points of law US citizens don't see until they enter a court room. If they are lucky enough to see a court room at all these days:

Dietz Smith's Essay in the rant: November 16, 2002 offers pertinent insight. You can read it here:

The federalist papers are essentially the arguments of the defeated Central Bank - Central Government advocate Alexander Hamilton and two possibly unsuspecting associates.

Lawyer John Ray: a New Yorker opposed to separation from the crown: whose absence at the signing of the Declaration of Independence was duly noted by Thomas Jefferson. Ray is associated with 5 of the federalist letters.

James Madison: Who denied the title of "Father of the Constitution", went on to help frame the Bill of Rights and oppose the financial treason of Hamilton's central bank amongst other things. Madison is associated with 28 federalist letters.

Hamilton's primary contribution to the American cause was as an officer in Washington's Army. Hamilton eventually resigned in anger and after study. Opened a Law practice primarily defending British loyalists property rights. Hamilton's banking prowess remains way over rated. Hamilton is associated with 52 of the federalist letters.

Remember: the Federalist papers where originally written to sell the State of New York ( a known British loyalist hotbed) on independence from England. NOTHING ELSE.       

During the writing of the US Constitution: Hamilton was soundly and rightly defeated in his Loyalist views by our more relevant Patriotic Forefathers.

In desperation of failing to model America after the British Monarchy and under guise of creating a constitution for the state of New York. Hamilton did what all good lawyers do: Set precedent: Knowing as time elapsed; it would be argued as valid legal history by like minded Tory's.

Later: Hamilton's treasonous insanity made Aaron Burr a great American hero. Few realize the patriotic service Burr provided to all Americans. Today Burr plays the villain in a milk commercial. Hamilton's fate? Apparently General Ashcroft's personal hero.

For the record: there are also Anti-federalist papers: General Ashcroft and his associates seem less interested in these important documents. Why is that I wonder?

Reading on in Deitz Smith's article, It's clear the "Federalist Society" fully intends to follow in Hamilton's footsteps. The list of current Bush administration members of this "patriotic" legal federalist society is substantial. In this light: Mr. Ashcroft's 1997 statement appears pointless if not outright untruthful.

Although I do not agree with all the points Deitz Smith raises I will say they are based on public record and logical rationale.

The same can be said of these folks: Another group with apparently opposing views. The People for the American Way also seem bound and determined to argue on the basis of everything except the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

PFAW appears the other side of the same counterfeit coin. A shiny coin of distraction that hypnotizes Americans away from the Constitutional right's bestowed upon all men by their creator. A coin that suggests the mental giants of a government-corporate sponsored public school system on both sides are, by decree of an "English Bar", worthy to interpret the intents of the uncommon founders of the greatest nation in history. You know any lawyers? Think about it.

Don't get me wrong; there are great men in American law. They are just not profitable men these days. Thus: their words and perspective remain unheard in a sea of well compensated "professional" Hamilton like lawyers. These true American law practitioners are now gagged by a growing Hamiltonian system of governmental - corporate commerce; whose Hamiltoian doctrine is the epitome of the unconstitutional tyranny our Forefathers disdained.

Remember: Washington D.C. is run by Lawyers.

Putting aside the fact that Hamilton; the primary federalist paper author was, one of the weaker forces in American Constitutional liberty. Why the obsession with the Federalist papers?

Simple: Hamilton ended up the most famous lawyer in well funded American legal minds and oddly Hamilton's ideas are profitable for lawyers.

The Federalist papers have opened the door for "lawyers" to argue Constitutional Law without the benefit of the Declaration of Independence (the REAL Federal papers), The United States Constitution including the Bill of Rights. A good commercial move. Since the US constitution; a straightforward well written document: requires little need of experts to interpret it. Best to codify it as quickly as possible; lest the masses awaken and feel no need of experts.

All Americans need to slam this door shut Immediately and Forever. For this is the foundation of tyranny from our own beloved and trusted Judicial branch. It is a semi-clandestine DIRECT ATTACK on the US Constitution.

Remember: the Executive Branch chooses federal Judges. Sure Congress is involved but most of these "giants of thought" signed the Patriot Act without even reading it:

Guess whose fingerprints are all over the Patriot act? Hint: He's a General now.

Sadly: this is exactly what General Ashcroft appears to be incrementally doing. Promulgating the federalist papers centralized government tyranny while publicly claiming outrage over it's unconstitutional implementation. Does it really seem that bizarre? After all General Ashcroft is easily distracted by cement breasts. Imagine how distracting General Ashcroft must find the Constitution of the United States of America.

Keep the faith.

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The Federalist Paper Shell Game: Which Shell are Your Liberties Under?

By Tom Johannsen

JOHN ASHCROFT, as a U.S. senator, opposed the Clinton administration's request for broadened authority to eavesdrop on high-tech communications. From his Aug. 12, 1997 op-ed piece in the Washington Times, "Welcoming Big Brother" Ashcroft says: "The Clinton administration's paranoid and prurient interest in (monitoring) international e-mail is a wholly unhealthy precedent especially given this administration's track record on FBI files and IRS snooping. Every medium by which people communicate can be subject to exploitation by those with illegal or immoral