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Before we begin; here is an Update to Part One: Professor Ian Lustick: Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania where he holds the Merriam Term Chair in Political Science.

Since Professor Lustick's statements appeared the only dissent during the NIGHTLINE broadcast. This reporter felt it necessary to seek further comment of Professor Lustick.

Professor Lustick was kind enough to reply stating: "My 50 seconds on screen were taken from a twenty minute interview. To be sure, several of the voice over comments by Judd and Koppel came from my interview." "You might look at: ".

This article is well worth reading for it not only exposes the rationale of why America must go to unilateral war immediately. It also offers an interesting view of the battle for priestly power within the high temples of Government. Not to mention the residual economic insanity.

For the record: Professor Lustick is a founder and past president of the Association for Israel Studies and currently serves as associate director of the Solomon Asch Center for the Study of Ethnopolitical Conflict. In 1979 and 1980 he worked at the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research as a Council on Foreign Relations Fellow responsible for analysis of Israel-West Bank affairs.

Professor Lustick ends his comment by suggesting: "If you want another opportunity, I'm due on MSNBC Tuesday (18 march) evening, 7:30-7:40, but this one is live".


Mr. Ted Koppel opens part two by stating: "Joining me now, William Kristol, the chairman of the Project for the New American Century. Mr. Kristol is also an editor of the "Weekly Standard Magazine." And the former Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle. Bill, if you'll forgive me, I'm a little less interested with where you've brought us and more interested in where you theorize that we are going to go. What is it that you're recommending for the future?"

Mr. Koppel is less interested in where Kristol's PNAC has brought the American people to date. Instead ABC's Ted Koppel wants to know where Kristol: a not elected to any public office; think tank founder theorizes; "We the People" are going. Koppel appears resigned to war on March 5, 2003 .

One would think Koppel would confront Kristol and the Bush Administration about the outrageous coincidence of the PNAC plan and 911. Instead: Koppel as Jackie Judd earlier demonstrated; continues to pander to Kristol's PNAC agenda in the name of American journalism. Journalism that at times appears more instructional video, than factual news.

Kristol seizes this infomercial like opportunity to reply: "Well, I trust we'll be able to remove Saddam and his threat of weapons of mass destruction. We need to deal with other dictators developing weapons of mass destruction. North Korea is a real threat. I don't think we can allow that to become a nuclear assembly line. And in the Middle East, I really think we need to reverse over probably 20 years of bipartisan US foreign policy, which has made a Faustian bargain with dictators there, and really try to move towards the democratization, liberalization of the Arab societies of the Middle East. I think the status quo there has just proved to be too dangerous."

Kristol, himself a decorated Bilderberger member of the status quo, suggests twenty years of "bipartisan US foreign policy"; the same bipartisan democracy Kristol and his PNAC intends "fix" Iraq and other Arab nations with; is now to blame for America's ills. Hogwash. Has Ted Koppel stepped out to the restroom here?

Here's a list of Mr. Kristol's associates: while your looking for Mr. Kristol take note of the other names on the BB-CFR list.

Kristol appears to hint that a dictatorial approach of our own may now be in order. Oddly, the current US administration seems to concur.

In addition: Kristol ignores the fact that the same cash these "dictators" distributed for WMD's is: the same booty some of these PNAC conspirators lined their pockets with throughout the last two decades.

Mr. Kristol admits that the US government is responsible for many problems in the middle east and now suggests Americans should use his own PNAC version of a "Faustian" bargain to resolve it. I wonder; Could this be one reason Arab nations are so angry with the United States? Is this why America is proceeding unilaterally against the will of the majority of other nations?

For the record Mr. Koppel and Mr. Kristol: Prison Planet readers are also watching North Korea: We are quite interested in your comments regarding these facts.

As Ted Kopple lends "20 years of credibility" to Kristol he inadvertently provides another perspective. A perspective twenty years old itself: For without the "Iran Hostage Crisis" Ted Koppel and ABC's NIGHTLINE would not exist. NIGHTLINE was created to report the Iranian Hostage Crisis. Which was the revolt of the Iranian people over the murderous dictatorship of the Shah of Iran - ironically propped up by the very US hegemony that gave Mr. Koppel his "big break". Remember: Mr. Koppel is no slouch on the middle east history or news reporting. This is Ted Koppel's claim to fame.

Speaking of the middle east; where is the PNAC's take on Israel in all of this?

Meanwhile Kristol seizes this twenty years of revisionist history to further the PNAC's agenda. Koppel has to know the historical facts but chooses to ignore; not explore them. Why? In doing so Ted Koppel finds nowhere to hide from Americans who pay attention to historical fact. Koppel appears forced to hope we are not watching. We are.

To Kristol's next response I say: Save for Kristol's attempt to distance and possibly blame the PNAC's agenda on the President saying: "So, we shouldn't kid ourselves, though, this is an ambitious American foreign policy that the President has launched us on, requiring engagement and involvement in many parts of the world." Frankly, Kristol's other rhetorical responses here are not worth wasting time on.

No worry! Ted Koppel quickly steps up to seemingly continue ABC NEWS' "journalistic" game of historical charades.

Koppel says: "All those things are undeniably true. But what does that mean in the terms of the continuing presence of US forces? I mean, the President famously noted in his State of the Union Address, a little more than a year ago, that there was an "axis of evil," and he mentioned not only North Korea, but also Iran. Should we assume that part of the, larger vision that you and your colleagues had, or have to this day, is the, removal, either by force or otherwise, of the current power structure in Iran?"

Make no mistake here: Ted Koppel is wise enough to know this "war on terrorism" includes Arab and other countries as soon as Iraq is vanquished. Instead of calling Kristol on it. Koppel gently leads the PNAC agenda into the dusky light of day. I wonder if Mr. Koppel thinks this might be why North Korea has suddenly gone ballistic? (No pun intended). Koppel voluntarily declines this question.

Ted Koppel appearing to sense he may be insulting the intellect of American viewers resorts to a valid question: "Does it bother you that it appears that it is going to be a largely unilateral policy? I don't want to diminish the influence of our British friends, but this is clearly an American policy."

Kristol retorts: "It is. One would always prefer to have more allies rather than fewer. And I think we actually will have lots of help in the reconstruction and democratization, actually, of Iraq. But, look, I think what we've learned over the last ten years is that America has to lead. Other countries won't act. They will follow us, but they won't do it on their own. And in this case, I think we'll be vindicated when we discover the weapons of mass destruction and when we liberate the people of Iraq."

Mr. Kristol appears very confident about the PNAC agenda being justified. Particularly as it relates to "reconstruction and democratization" contracts and especially the presence of WMD's.

The leverage of "reconstruction contracts" obvious. I wonder: Who will discover these WMD's? Under whose orders will the evidence be released? Will this important information be reported on NIGHTLINE? Will the present PNAC ridden administration authorize it's release? Will we be "at war" then? Should the American people blindly accept this PNAC fantasy in light of all we have seen and heard from Mr. Kristol and the PNAC to date?

Remember: Coincidentally; the PNAC appeared to benefit greatly from 911. The PNAC openly admits this in part one. This is indisputable fact.

Also; Mr. Kristol fails to mention that these other countries (US Allies) may still have respect for the age old tradition of every Country's right to individual Sovereignty. In fact: the PNAC seems hell bent on erasing such sovereignty from the face of the earth. Except for America of course. Right?

What is never mentioned is how the PNAC's agenda seems to mimic Mr. Ashcroft's "Patriot Acts" at an international State level. Ted Koppel avoids any serious investigation of any of these subjects. Why?

Instead; Ted Koppel asks CFR-PNAC propagandist Kristol: "Do you think that we will have an adequate discussion of all that you are talking about here, which really has not been publicly discussed by the Administration, in the months ahead?" Perhaps Ted Koppel has a few questions he would like to ask after all. Then again, maybe not.

Kristol stumbles on his second line here; but finishes dutifully by saying: "Well, I think the President's been pretty bold, actually, in laying out his doctrine. But, you, sure, I think we will have an adequate discussion, if only because the critics will insist on it, and should insist on it. This is a bold and ambitious American foreign policy. I think it's right for us and right for the world. I think the alternative, if we fail to do this, is really terrifying and terrible for the world. But I think this needs to be argued and debated. And I think it will be over the next year or two".

All Americans might volunteer as the second critics here: Over the next two years? NOT ACCEPTABLE: The American People need to know specific details about this PNAC agenda RIGHT NOW. Before a PNAC planned war; not after. Sadly, the majority of world government already claims first critic status.

Kristol further states: "The Presidents doctrine". Really? NIGHTLINES report leaves me with a completely different sense of who's agenda this is. But then again; I've been cursed with the facts. Many like me have been paying attention as well. We wonder: Could this be the reason for the World Wide riff over this "war"?

What appears most frightening and terrifying to many: A Washington think tank called the PNAC appears to have hijacked the American government's foreign policy. While the President and the US Congress seem to be sleeping right through this private defense sector corporate coup. Still Mr. Koppel and ABC NEWS remain silent. Why? Because the PNAC agenda is harmless to America and the world? Does this seem right to you? Do the French and others really misunderstand what's going on here?

This leads me to state: Dear Mr. Ted Koppel and ABCNEWS; should you folks have one iota of journalistic honesty left in your corporate soul. The American people challenge you to ask all of these questions immediately. After all: It's your job.

The American people: knowing verifiable historical facts; cognizant of our politicized corporate media history: Challenge ABC NEWS and Ted Koppel and all responsible journalists to interview:

1. Greg Palast: Award wining Journalist reporting for BBC nightly news:

2. Stanley Hilton: former Chief Consul for Bob Dole Currently representing 400 families of victims of the 911 Attack. Currently suing the President of the United States amongst others for acts germane to Nightline's report of March 5, 2003.

3. Alex Jones: Award winning constitutionalist radio host, Austin Texas

4. Dennis Hans: Journalist for:

Let us all fully investigate the facts surrounding the PNAC and 911. If they are "conspiracy theories" let us prove them as such and be done with it.

ABC NEWS and Ted Koppel OWE the American people genuine news reporting. Not apparent infomercials that seemingly pander to Washington think tanks.

ABC NEWS and Ted Koppel enjoy the benefit of profiting from the United States FCC licensed bandwidth. Licensed Bandwidth that is the rightful property of "We the People" of the United States.

Consider this: The "expert commentary" ABC's NIGHTLINE and Ted Koppel present the American public are provided by past and or present representatives of the CFR and PNAC: Quasi-opposing spheres of the same political brain. In this light; NIGHTLINE's "news" broadcast begins to resemble a political version of Paul Newman and Robert Redford's 1973 movie classic: "THE STING"

As part two of our review ends: Mr. Koppel's initial statement remains ironically valid: you may now view our story tonight on at least three additional levels: A scripted political sting, a really bad ABC NEWS production night, or a slick PNAC infomercial.

In closing: Part One and Two of this Analysis\Commentary has focused on one NIGHTLINE PNAC transcript. You can easily find the similar players, agendas and journalistic technique being plied on all television network and radio news. Of course; this is just my perception and opinion. Please feel free to form one of your own.

Keep the Faith.
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When Infomericals Become News

By Tom Johannsen

In part one of this analysis we explored the "Project for a New America Century". Thus gaining new visibility to the Private Washington think tank's plan for the American people and the level of journalistic scrutiny provided by ABC NEWS regarding the PNAC. You can find part one here:

In part two we shall continue our review of ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE transcript first aired March 5, 2003. You can find the ABC NEWS
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