Reach Out & Inform Someone

By Christina Kanas

As a two year plus listener of Alex Jones' Infowars shortwave program, I would like to share a few things that will help you to reach out and inform someone. You can only listen so long before you must take action.  Here are some simple ways to do so -in the regular course of the day - without taking much energy, time or attention - butthey will get the attention of many in your city or circle of influence.

We have more information than we know, and our circle of influence islarge.  What we need to do is reach out - even if the response isn't wonderful, appreciated or even asked for. 

Get busy, infowarriors. The time is yesterday.

1. Do What You Love

Keep informed on a specific topic that you are really, really interestedin.  This formula guarantees your success - because it will keep your attention and you will not slip away and spend your time doing something else.  Stay focused on the subject and/or group of subjects you are interested in.

Make copies of everything on this subject that you can locate.  Get informed - take the paperwork and/or the cassette tape and/or the video tape right into the public places in your very own neighborhood. 

2. The Infowar 5 Mile Radius

I challenge you to cover the five mile radius from your front door and then expand from there to your local police station, your neighborhood fire department, yourgrocery store, library, hospital, church, the mayor, local sheriff and/or
school.  Just take a few minutes out of your busy day to reach out. 

I guarantee you the first place blue ribbon - you'll be probably the first and only person  who has visited them and handed them some info face to face.  If not, you will be in the top ten, hands down.  What an opportunity to reach out & inform someone! 

3. AmmoBox
Never leave home without it - your new Ammunition Box - every infowarriorneeds this.

*Supply of copies and/or printed articles from:

- use a file box or large envelopes and sort by categories that you areinterested in.    

*Supply of video tapes

*Make some copies of info about local radio shows/shortwave/internet sites

Practice makes perfect.  It helps to open your mouth - talk to everyone near you - total strangers seem more inclined to listen and take time withyou.  People who are waiting in lines or in waiting rooms are good targets too. 

Stay Tuned for Part II  of  Reach Out & Inform Someone....

*Turn off the tv and turn some pages instead

*How a black magic marker and one large cardboard can reach your whole neighborhood

*Put your personal check to work as a weapon in the infowar

*How to learn the names of these important people in your 5 mile circle of influence - *bank president *local talk radio host *city councilman *school Principal *Sheriff *Chief of Police *grocery store produce manager and more!!

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