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Rick Lacey has an MBA from Cleveland State University and is the author of four books. As a Senior Financial Analyst at BP Oil he refused credit to Enron and was subsequently separated from the company. His book, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong is based on his experiences at BP. Rick can be contacted at [email protected].

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Bilderberg Almighty
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Multinationals are under the direction of the Bilderberg and most are not United States corporations.  America has quietly lost the battle for global economic dominance.

Foreign multinationals dominate all major industries including 9 of the 10 largest electronics companies, 8 of the 10 largest auto makers, 7 of 10 largest oil refiners, 6 of 10 telecom companies, 5 of 10 pharmaceuticals, 4 of 6 chemical producers, 4 of 7 airlines, and 19 of the 25 largest banks in the world.  Of the top 100 multinationals ranked by foreign-held assets, just 23 are American.  Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands have 40, while Japan has 16.  Those of you who believed America was the economic powerhouse of the world had better rethink our vulnerability.   

In global finance, we are even more vulnerable. The status of the dollar as the key currency of the world is at risk.  The share of private savings held in European currencies has increased to 37% while the dollar share has fallen to 40%.  Nearly half of new bond offerings today are in euros.  For the first time since World War II there is another source of globally accepted payment and liquidity for the world economy.  Tragically for the dollar, it comes as our balance of international payments is experiencing record deficits.  Last year we had to borrow over $500 billion from foreigners to finance our balance of payments deficit. 

Though the United States clings to its status as the largest market in the world, increasingly the income generated in that market goes to foreign multinationals.  We pay foreigners more investment income from their holdings in the United States than we earn from our holdings abroad.  The wealth of America is being siphoned off by Bilderberg-controlled multinational corporations.

Since we no longer dominate the world economically, our president has decided to divert our resources to dominate it militarily even as he allows the multinationals to exploit us financially.  Three tax cuts for the rich have eliminated federal budget surpluses and produced projected ongoing annual deficits in the $500 billion range.  Were those deficits spent on education and infrastructure or even on the environment and health care they would produce a stronger economy and vastly improve the well-being of the average American.  Instead, exploding budget deficits reduce national saving and deepen our international deficit causing increasing dependence on foreign capital to pay for domestic consumption. The average American is being sacrificed as the tax cuts starve the federal government and force congress to slash spending on everything except the military.

These levels of military spending can not be sustained, so America as a modern day Roman Empire will ultimately face a similar end.  As we hear the Pope plead for human rights and a New World Order we must understand that it is not for America that he pleads.  His prayers and the attentions of the world are focused on the less fortunate.  We Americans must get our priorities in proper order.  The American way of life is under attack at home even as it is being installed abroad.  The rest of the world is making great strides at our expense.  As more and more countries adopt the Bilderberg solution and become seemingly independent and ostensibly democratic nations with capitalist, consumer-driven economies, the relative importance of the US consumer is diminished.  Our compassion for the foreign slave-shop worker may soon have to be redirected to the new poor, the approaching millions of bankrupt and homeless United States citizens.

This is the fifth and final article detailing the five steps needed to take back our country that were introduced in my article United States of America: Mankind's Last Best Hope (  Admittedly unlikely, the proper charismatic leader espousing the four policy planks already discussed could ignite America to action.  While we would be saved from the One World Order, most close followers of this series must realize that we would also be withdrawing as a major player in world events.  The policies are, at their essence, isolationist by necessity.  By paying off the national debt, ending foreign aid, converting our military from an offensive to a defensive force, and investing in our own infrastructure we would be effectively withdrawing from global affairs and entanglements for the selfish good of our own citizens.  We would be resigning from the race towards globalization and setting our country apart as the most prosperous and secure nation on the globe.  Rather than dictating policy to the world, we would be stepping back and leading only by example.  The United States could easily become a utopia on earth.  Poverty and misery could be rapidly eliminated and wealth and happiness could come to be considered the birthright of every American.

The final step in the process would guarantee the perpetuation of that utopia.  We would have to expel the multinational corporations from our country.  Our corporations would have to divest themselves of foreign holdings and foreign corporations would have to sell their interests in American assets to our companies or to individual United States citizens.  Though our corporations would be free to trade with the rest of the world, they would only be permitted to employ Americans and all their productive assets would be physically located in the United States.  Our country and its citizens would once again be primary stakeholders in American corporations.

In effect, capitalism would have come full circle since globalism is a perversion of the American capitalist phenomena that made us the envy of the world.  Formerly American corporations that have become multinational or have been purchased by foreign multinationals and have no remaining national allegiance would be American companies again.  Corporate executives could no longer pursue the elimination of American jobs by transferring manufacturing and office work overseas.  While it is true that American corporations would be at a competitive disadvantage to their foreign counterparts, it is also true that individual American citizens would be at a competitive advantage.  Our corporations would be less profitable but individual Americans would be prosperous and secure.  We must ask ourselves whether America exists for the benefit of the multinational corporation or for the benefit of the American citizen.

Some would argue that many American corporations would be driven into bankruptcy, but is that not preferable to having many millions of American citizens and even America itself driven into bankruptcy.  This series has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the bankruptcy of America must be the inevitable result of the march toward globalization.  Many American thinkers are trying to visualize a future in which most American citizens never have a job.  They wonder what sorts of adjustments will have to be made in our daily lives.  Instead, let us throw out the multinational corporations and let our great thinkers ponder how the American corporation will adjust. 

My novel, Involuntary Separation, Corporate Downsizing Gone Fatally Wrong, was an effort to warn America of the evils inherit in the multinational corporation.  As a financial analyst in one of the largest multinationals I witnessed and even participated in the spawning of that evil.  This series of Prison Planet articles is a less subtle attempt to make the point.  It started by showing the decision process behind the corporate downsizing phenomena and revealing how the Bilderberg was the force behind it.  It went on to extrapolate the effect of those events and decisions into the future.  It provided warnings of coming events, several of which have since begun to occur.  As these predictions gain momentum, the nation may wake up to see my five-step plan as the only way to save itself.  Several political candidates are campaigning on one or more of those five steps in one form or another.  The fight is certainly not lost.  Americans can be strong and determined when called to action.  Those who have read the novel and followed this series are outraged.  Readers are circulating these articles around the internet, and other websites are posting them.  We must hope our efforts can help make a difference.

Realistically, police state policies are being rapidly enacted and deployed all across our nation even as an ever widen segment of our population is beginning to wake up and smell the corpses.  Ironically, our fight to spread the word is pushing the Bilderberg to accelerate its plans.  Still, we must all do our part to reach the unintelligent masses.  Just as many years of relentless media programming has dulled them to reality, we can and must fight even harder to alert them.  We must recognize history and not allow the centuries-old Rothschild strategy to work here in our United States as it did in Europe.

The recent decline in the value of the dollar signals the beginning of a Bilderberg liquidation of dollar holdings.  If all goes according to their plans, interest rates will begin to surge shortly after our presidential elections.  By the end of 2005, our economy will be in a free fall toward depression.  At the bottom of that depression much of America will be purchased with the euro deposits of Bilderberg controlled multinationals.  The American experiment with individual freedom will have ended and the New World Order will proceed unopposed.
America Exists for Americans - Evict the Multinational Corporation

Rick Lacey January 13 2004

The One World Order has been achieved in the global corporate world.  No rational person can deny that multinational corporations are above the laws of any sovereign country.